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Australian Ski Resort Sells Out of Lift Tickets for Much of Season, Bans Snowballing

In the constantly evolving story of Australia’s soon-to-start 2020 ski season, Thredbo, which was reported to be struggling to cope with demand when it put lift tickets on sale a week ago, now reports that its, “first release lift passes have now sold out until 30 August 2020” – that’s about a month before the scheduled end of the ski season.

Falls Creek 1st June 2020

It’s believed that Australian resorts are limiting capacity to about half the normal maximum in order to adhere to social-distancing and other pandemic-spread-prevention measures.  It’s also been reported list ticket prices have increased by 20% at some resorts as they attempt to mitigate the financial loss from having fewer skiers whilst requiring more staff.

“As Government restrictions ease and snow conditions improve, we’re hoping we’ll be able to release more passes soon,” a Thredbo statement reads.

Thredbo, along with Mt Buller and Mt Baw Baw are scheduled to open for the season this Monday, June 22nd, with Perisher, Mt Hotham and Falls Creek aiming to open on Wednesday the 24th.  Selwyn Snowfields will be closed all season due to bush fire damage earlier in the year.

Some resorts have warned that limited terrain availability in the early season will be as big a factor as COVID-19 restrictions initially.

Mt Buller 14 June 2020

In a separate report in the Australian Telegraph, the newspaper reports that Thredbo are being forced to ‘ban snowballing’ and other ‘snow fun’ activities that might encourage an inadvertent failure to adhere to the country’s 1.5 metre social-distancing rules this season.

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  1. Baz

    21st June 2020 7:00 pm

    And the COVID mass hysteria continues. You’d have to wonder when it’ll ease off a little. The way people have hyped this disease up you’d think it was airborn Ebola. It’ll be really interesting to see how the Bazillian experiment ends up doing. The keep calm and carry on approach being the method of choice there. From the data available you’d have to think it may not be a bad idea really. Brazil is a country with big population (over 200 mill), and very dense population areas, so you’d have to think there’ll be good transmission. And its first case was only about 4 weeks after that of the UK. That being the case it really doesn’t seem like they’re going any worse than the UK did with our lockdown approach. They mayeven be going better than the UK since we hit 1000+ a day dying as well. And yet without a lockdown Brazil seems to be no worse off with 4 times the population and certainly less medical help for the majority. Go figure that out and think about it before you vote for the people that brought you the worst recession in history….

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