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Australian Brothers Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Build ‘Bodyboard for Snow’

Two Australian brothers have launched a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise funds to build what they’re describing as, “The world’s first carving sled designed to bring snow bodyboarding to life.” 

Co-Founders Ben and Michael Bateman say that they have been working on their ‘Snoogee Board’ which is designed to combine the control of a snowboard with the thrill of bodyboarding for eight years.

The inspiration for the Snoogee Board came to Co-founder Ben Bateman during a gap year in The United States. He found himself surrounded by snow, but living far from the country’s ski fields.

“I’m an adrenaline junkie, and a bodyboarder since I was 13. I saw people using sleds, but there’s no progression of skill which can be a bit boring. I wanted to merge my love for the waves and the slopes and create the ultimate snow fix,” said Ben.

The duo say they have carried out extensive research across Australia, Europe and the United States with the aim of reinventing how and where a sled can ride.

They say their Snoogee Board takes the edge control of a snowboard and the functionality of a bodyboard, and not only bridges the gap, but creates a whole new category.

“Snoogee is the only sled that turns and stops on its edges, and the only sled capable of creating resort run and urban sledding (which, until now this has been the exclusive domain of skiing and boarding). Almost anywhere you can ride a snowboard, you can ride a Snoogee Board too,” the brothers say.

Another key element, which the brothers say is unique to Snoogee, is that riders can do more than lay down; they can sit, kneel or stand. The board has been engineered to also provide the responsiveness and comfort needed to land large jumps too.

The board will retail at around $350 US (€309 / £268), but the Kickstarter price available now for advance orders is AU $278 (€175 / £152 / $198 US). Reaching the funding goal on Kickstarter will trigger the production of the first 1000 units. 

Last week, the brothers were in Austria to give the board one final ride before going live.

“We hit the slopes of Wildkogel Mountain in Austria, building jumps to get air and carving powder. I can assure you, no other sled on Europe’s sled runs is as versatile or high performing as the Snoogee,” Ben claimed.

  1. Geoff Ski Patrol

    24th February 2019 12:35 am

    I really hope this device is banned by all Australian ski resorts to stop needless head injuries. If it’s used below the tree line in Australia it is going to cause catastrophic injuries to the users

  2. Ben Bateman

    25th February 2019 10:57 am

    Hi Geoff
    We use the snowboard edges to control it just like a regular snowboard. It has about 75% of the control of a regular snowboard. In the eight years we have been testing in Australia, Nth America and Europe no one has come close to a head injury. What were you basing the injuries you beleive might on? Not trying to be a contentious. Just not sure why you have such strong feelings on our boards.
    I understand plastic sleds with their lack of control can be very dangerous. As our sleds are very maneuverable, the danger comes from riding beyond your ability just like a snowboard or skis.

    • Drew Ebbstein

      27th February 2019 1:41 pm

      Fantastic idea Ben…
      I use to bodyboard years ago, and Remember how wearing fins would give you crams and sand rash lol.. This solves it all..!!!
      I can’t wait to see this product take off… And it will👌

  3. Ben Bateman

    25th February 2019 11:08 am

    Hi Geoff.
    We have been testing the sleds for eight years in Australia, Nth America and Europe. No one has come close to a head injury. Our sled uses the snowboard as a runner to turn around obstacles and stop on its edge with about 75% capacity of the snowboard.
    I understand plastic sleds and some other types of sleds are uncontrollable and have led to accidents. Snowboards and skis are dangerous when people ride beyond their ability to control them and our sleds are the same.

  4. Rod

    27th February 2019 9:58 am

    Hi Ben
    Keep up the great work, but this product would not be suitable for Australian terrain on a ski slope or toboggan slope. head first not a good look Cheers Rod Xswinter

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