The cost of lift ticket at one Australian ski area has risen by 20% this season, according to a report on website

The size says that the price of a day pass will increase by 20 per cent to $159 a day at Thredbo and speculates that this is due to lower numbers allowed on the slopes, and more staff needing to be employed, due to COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures.

Other ski areas that have re-opened in the US over the past month have had similar issues. They have tended not to increase day pass prices but are only offering limited terrain that they can still open up high in late spring/early summer and operators have said they have either made no money or lost money operating, despite being fully sold out of available lift tickets each day.

Thredbo will open with several other leading Australian ski areas on 22nd June, the delayed first day of the Australian ski season, which was due to have begun this Saturday, 6th June.

A ‘revised operating model’ the resort has agreed with the NSW Health Department and Australian State and Federal Governments includes limited numbers on individual chairs (two to a quad, one to a T Bar), ski tip-to-tail lift queuing, 1.5m (five feet) social distancing and no group lessons.