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Mzaar Ski Resort Resort Reviews

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  • February 28, 2012
    from Lebanon

    I can tolerate a lot of things at Faraya, but what really pisses me off is how long they take to open the pistes after a storm... this last week, Mzaar was closed on the fourth day after the storm was over and Cabane was still closed three days after the storm was over.

    They really need to invest in equipment that prepares the slopes.

    Another problem is the traffic which is not the Police's fault but I guess they probably can ask the Baladeyeh to organize the traffic better.

    And maybe, maybe someday in the future, maybe they will upgrade the lifts so they are faster.

  • February 26, 2012
    from Lebanon

    A heaven run by mediocre people. When you ask about the management team; it turns out to be the son and nephews of the owner; no real experience. The infrastructure is poor and getting there is sometimes a nightmare. Let's talk objectively; it is a place to go during weekdays for maximum fun and pleasure; will be a completely different experience. Skip the hotel if possible and go for surrounding new boutique hotels; you will pay as half with the same quality. Go for Mzaar hotel if swimming, spa and other non-ski related activities is your goal. Always take instructors from the "ecole"; they have a special lane for the lifts; so the extra money you pay is worth it. If you are getting there over the weekend; one word: EARLY bird is the best guarantor for parking, accessing and skiing.

  • February 24, 2012
    from Qatar

    How low can you go? They steal kid's skis on these slopes if you leave them a moment unwatched.....
    And the ski rental charges you an outrageous $ 150 to compensate for the loss of these outdated skis.
    For the rest, the queues for the lifts are completely disorganized, especially the baby lift of which the worst thing is that the queue goes pretty much downhill, which is not easy for beginners to stand still.
    The slopes are good, but there is so much that needs improvement.

  • February 19, 2012
    from Lebanon

    A real nightmare. It was so good a few years ago when it was run by a French manager. Since then the Lebanese owner, Mr. Rizk took over and it has become a zoo. Traffic is unbearable due to the incompetence of the Kfardebian municipality. Lifts maintenance is very poor as half the lifts are closed due to technical problems. Organisation is a real mess with people almost fighting each other to get on archaic lifts. It is a rip off as tickets cost $60 a day on week ends. You are better off staying at home or go to Europe as it will end up cheaper.

  • February 18, 2012
    from Lebanon

    If it were not for Faray-Ouyoun-es-Simane nobody would have heard of Kfarzebian...
    Having said this and whatever we name it this resort is deteriorating: Traffic to get in and out of there is nauseating. Lines to get to the lifts are disorganized and we always feel aggressed before we finally get a turn.
    More parking spots would be created and parking on the side of the road should be prohibited and severely fined.
    Special spaces should be created for people not interested in skiing.

  • February 17, 2012
    from Lebanon

    Faraya resort (Mzaar Kfardebian) could be fantastic but it is a disaster. Year after year the ski resort deteriorates. Lifts not working for weeks because of broken generators, Nabil and Rouge slopes are never groomed, lines are terrible. It would be so easy to organize a decent line so we are not pushing each other like animals. What a lesson for small kids.
    The upper chair lifts are closed as soon as the wind blows slightly and if there is no wind they open at 11 am in the best case.
    There is always an excuse.
    It is a disaster.
    Wake up guys.
    I'm disgusted.

  • February 15, 2012
    from Lebanon

    I wonder about those guys in Kfardebian, they take our money in ouyoun el simane fakra and all related Faraya resorts and area , and they are not even trying to fix the road from Kfarzebian to Ouyoun el simane. Don't try to take that road it will cost you your tires. Their town hall is taking all our resources just for their village, and even their village has no improvements. I wonder what do they do with all that money. so guys I advise you to take the road from Faraya, at least the gravel is in good shape and road signs are on every turn. It is the only good way to reach the ski station which by the way my father, me and my sons are still naming Faraya whether they like it or not.

  • February 09, 2012
    from France

    Mzaar is a crappy resort, the slopes are crowdy, their ticket and lifts systems are archaic. You have to fight with uncivilized people to keep your place in the queue while the lifts which could take 3 persons at a time is taking only one. Finally, beware of the staff, they are not friendly at all.

  • February 07, 2012
    from Lebanon

    I disagree with another reviewer as trip distance is not measured by distance but by delay. If you presume that the distance from Faitroun Roundabout to Mzar Kfardebian is 18.3 km passing all the way through Kfardebian but 17 km passing by Mayrouba, Hrajel, Faraya, and then Kfardebian, the time required to reach your destination is 14 min versus 16 min respectively. Nevertheless, the passageway from Faraya towards San Antonio is unsafe (no guardrails) and includes plenty of sharp corners. If you choose to go through the main road from Faraya you shall pay attention to the left turn located at a 12% grade where more than 20 accidents occur during the season.
    I would prefer to pass all the way through Kfardebian taking advantage of the gain in time, wonderful scenes, safe roads, pavement rehabilitation, road marking, and driving pleasure?

  • February 07, 2012
    from United Kingdom

    Mzaar is a gr8 resort. Very big with different gr8 terrains though lots of people head over there so it's kinda jammy to me. I prefer the cosy, nice resort in Laklouk which is a gr8 place to be.