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  • July 03, 2007
    Snow ski report from United Kingdom

    Can you believe it? Snow in Chamonix last week that came close to the valley. Lets hope the bad weather in Europe over the summer will mean lots of snow in the winter too.

  • May 29, 2007
    Protactanium from United Kingdom

    Damn. No sign of any snow yet.
    If you too are craving a summer riding fix check out:

  • May 20, 2007
    Sherpa from Iran

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  • February 28, 2007
    Kevin Martin from United States

    For regional outlooks this site really is cool. I can tell you run your maps off the NWS weather models or so which is cool. You see I forecast for ALL of Southern Califonia with any type of weather. You can have a look at my work here. We do SNOW FORECASTING as well.
    We aren't as regional as you,but we are more accurate for So Cal based on the geography of our mountains here. Most resorts see MORE than you advertise. Snow Valley has near 6-10 inches from this last storm total. You have 2 inches. Have a good one. [EDITOR - Thanks Kevin. We are already aware that GFS underestimates snowfall along the Pacific Coastal States especially and are looking at alternatives - Mesoscale models certainly improve accuracy and we are hopeful that we will soon be able to provide these as alternatives. The problem, as always, is generating timely forecasts, but the latest dual Opteron machines look like the answer. Good luck with your website. Rob Davies]

  • February 08, 2007
    Bernard from United Kingdom

    Great website! The weather maps and resort information are really useful. If anyone is interested in renting a ski chalet in Isola 2000, have a look at

  • January 27, 2007
    Josef Kukacka from Austria

    Your site is really useful, I even had been registered its worth the money. BUT could you please consider to present Austria as a dedicated page? Right now you can see it with Germany (too small scale) or under Estern Alps (not complete, resorts like Semmering or Ötscher belong to the Eastern Alps and are not on the map)


  • January 25, 2007
    Matt from United Kingdom

    Great site! Hi I'm going to Sierra Nevada in southern Spain in the last week of March. Has anyone been this time of year? Whats the snow condition like? Feedback would be much appreciated.

    Mat - it varies a lot from year to year - see the snow history pages on our Sierra Nevada page - you can see every report for the past 5 years and graphs show you the depths etc. [ed.]

  • January 19, 2007
    Nina from United Kingdom

    Just got back from Whistler, Canada. I have never seen so much snow and the resort is excellent. Two days we woke up to 23cm of fresh powder snow. It's a 10 hour flight from the UK but if you love to ski/board then its well worth the journey for the experience. Whistler village is packed with shops, bars and restaurants and with the Canadian Dollar being so low against the pound we could not resist a bit of retail therapy too!
    Don't miss such a good year in Whistler! :)

  • January 13, 2007
    Hendy from United Kingdom

    Good usefull site !!
    Of to Bardonnechia on 27th ... can't wait !! but hey whats going on with the white stuff ???? we need a lot more ! anybody got any tips on the resort ?

  • January 12, 2007
    Abdullah from Jordan

    Gr8 site... lot of useful info...
    BTW, I'll go with my family to Faraya at this month-end inshAllah. However, there is little snow...What do you think, will it get better by that date?

    [Editor - I have sent you an email about the long range prospects for snow]

  • January 03, 2007
    Sjors from Netherlands

    He guys...

    GREAT site..... REALLY up to date unlike most other ones (at least for "Val Thorens")

    keep up the workt (Y)


  • January 03, 2007
    martin beumer from Netherlands

    mittels viel Auskunft über Wallis und Saastal in Winter
    Immer viel Schnee!
    In Holland Many Pictures

  • January 02, 2007
    Chimpy from United Kingdom

    Going to Whistler on the 21st of Jan for 18 nights, can't wait WOO HOO!!
    72 cms of snow in 24 hrs today, how the hell does that happen?
    (Sorry to gloat) :-)
    Snow's falling in Europe as well, so things are looking alot better.
    Brilliant site BTW, used it for the last 4 years

  • January 02, 2007
    Shaun from United Kingdom

    Just like to let you all know about a great little resort in Italy called Macugnaga. Discovered it last year. Not for those who want the night life, but we had a really enjoyably stay. Hardly any queues, some nice little mountain restaurants for lunching, excellent instructors. I'd say a great place for parties with kids. None of the UK tour operators go there, but its easy from Milan. Recommend Cristalo hotel - 5 mins walk to lift and ski back to front door. And there is snow there!

  • December 31, 2006
    Rob from United Kingdom

    This is a great site for sado's like me who check the conditions everyday.
    I am going to Maria Alm in the Hochkonig region of Austria. I've recently bought an apartment there and this will be the first winter skiing as yet. Its also the first skiing I've done for 2 years as I missed a year due to knee reconstruction so I'm really up for this.

    Should anybody be interested in renting the apartment in this beautiful region of Salzbugerland please visit
    Wish I was there now! Cheers, Rob

  • December 28, 2006
    Flinty From the UK from United Kingdom

    Question?Im going skiing in Austria Ruarus Jan the 20th no snow at the moment!
    the nearest resort is 17km and has snow does this mean they will at least organise some skiing?Its only are second time skiing and while I have the bug
    my wife is still unsure.Have I chosen the right place to go only time will tell!
    still at least it's one holiday you can do on your own(after my divorce that is)
    Great site fingers crossed for snow for all! cheers Flinty
    [ Editor - Flinty don't worry - it has become common for the ski season at lower Alpine resorts to kick off with a big dump of snow in the first 2 weeks of January - I suspect we will see that pattern again in 2007 - apart from 05/06, which was simply excellent from start to end, most recent years have seen late starts with dramatic improvements after New Year - indeed it can quickly go from no snow to high avalanche risk in just a few days at this time of year.]

  • December 20, 2006
    Ian & Carrie from United Kingdom


    Joined today after searching for a good site to keep us updated on conditions in Obergurgl. Can anyone tell us a good forum to go to as we are new to Skiing & have a few questions to ask about clothing etc.

    Many Thanks

  • December 12, 2006
    steve leeds lad from United Kingdom

    Hi Kieth, yes like you i've been praying for snow . Flying Leeds/Bradford on the 23 Dec, staying at Casa Letizia apts lift 30 Cassana drag lift, i hope we do meet up it won't seem as sad as talking to you online. 8 of us going 4 boys, 2 couples, watch out for the Leeds Utd hats GOT TO KEEP THE FAITH

  • December 10, 2006
    Stefanos from Greece provides its viewers great information in a great and fun way, and for that I thank them. For those who like traveling I urge you to visit our gorgeous mountains where you can enjoy skiing next to the wilderness or even participate in snow-park competitions that are held in different resorts each year – all around Hellas.
    Keep up the good work S-F team!!

  • November 20, 2006
    Trevor from United Kingdom

    Putting together 2 group trips:- 27th Jan & 10th March, max 24 people.

    £385, 7 nights B&B, 6 days Lift-pass, transfers, 2 evening meals.

    Skiing in the Dachstein West Ski region, 140kms intermediate piste + the Krippenstein Freeride Arena (as seen in Warren Miller's Off the Grid)

    Anybody fancy joining us send an e-mail, should be good!

  • November 09, 2006
    Erla Leifsdottir from Iceland

    Iam here again for the 3 season - great website .
    Informing all my friends every year - greetings from Iceland

  • November 02, 2006
    simon davey from United Kingdom

    I see from the web cam super dolimites have the snow cannons on it want be long now cant waite

  • September 23, 2006
    Liane from United Kingdom

    Oh god is it the ski season yet? All this waiting...

  • September 21, 2006
    Faye from United States

    I'm from Colorado and I loved viewing this sight! I will put it in my plans to visit some of the ski resorts in Europe this year. Thanks for all the information!

  • August 05, 2006
    Gail Marten from Ireland

    great site - any one know where Heath Judson has got to !!!!!!!!!

  • March 20, 2006
    scott from United Kingdom

    Keep the toffie vodka flowing! This sites great - been using you for 3 seasons now! c ya

  • March 20, 2006
    scot from United Kingdom

    Hey guys thanx for the great info of the snow. Been in france la Tania for the last month. Have seen both sides of the weather but the snow over the last two weeks has been the best I've seen, non stop for TEN days! and thanx to the ausi bar which makes there own toffie vodka - I've brought some home with me!! C ya next year!!! btw ani1 who wants to talk to me botu where to go and where not to or for a chat email me at, c ya next year!!

  • March 09, 2006
    Kathie Phelps from United Kingdom

    Thanks for all your excellent info. Great to be able to monitor snow around the world. Incidentally, your webcams in Andorra- The one labelled 'Arinsal' is actually Pal. Arinsal has a new webcam, showing up on and they've recently added one for Arcalis as well. Maybe you could consider linking to those cameras for a more accurate report on Andorra? Sorry, I'm biased, i live there part of the year, and I love it!

  • February 25, 2006
    Lydia from United Kingdom

    hey guyz dis year was really good. And I had a really good time. thank you !!!!!

  • February 25, 2006
    mnm from Austria

    you guys do a helluva job. keep it up.
    been using you for almost 3 seasons!
    mnm in kitzbuhel