Ski Hungary

There are around 15 Hungary ski areas with some on bigger mountains that is widely known outside the country.

Most are centred around the Mátra mountains in the north of the country where half a dozen drag lifts serve a vertical of more than 500m, peaking at above 1000m above sea level.

Some of these are based around the Grand Hotel at Galyateto and facilities in the area include a biathlon range and when conditions are good a terrain park for boarders and freestyle skiers.

Another of the larger Hungarian ski resorts, although not quite up to international destination sacale, is Bükk. It is not quite so high as Mátra, peaking at 960m, but has a similar choice of drag lifts and a range of terrain from beginner to difficult so you can ski Hungary at all ability levels.

In recent years an increasing number of artificial surface ski slopes have also appeared across the country, some of which get snow covered in the winter too.

One of these, run by the local Pasarét ski school in the Hungarian capital Budapest, was built by Italian ski slope surface material manufacturer Neveplast and is 70 metres long and 10 metres wide in 2009, so Hungarians can now ski or board 365 days a year.

Hungary: latest snow conditions round-up

Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in Hungary. Fresh snow is forecast at 0 resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 0 are reporting good piste conditions.

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(800m — 930m)

1 cm
on 19 Apr
part cloud part cloud clear cloud mod rain
Mid station 865 m
3850m 4000m 4350m 3900m 3650m

(523m — 690m)

8 cm
on 3 Apr
clear clear part cloud clear light rain
Mid station 606 m
3850m 4150m 4300m 3900m 3600m

(335m — 515m)

4 cm
on 3 Apr
clear clear rain showers part cloud clear
Mid station 425 m
3850m 4300m 4100m 3650m 3600m

(639m — 858m)

1 cm
on 5 Apr
clear clear part cloud part cloud cloud
Mid station 748 m
3850m 4200m 4250m 3900m 3600m

(390m — 510m)

2 cm
on 3 Apr
clear clear part cloud part cloud cloud
Mid station 450 m
3900m 4400m 4150m 3700m 3400m

(692m — 822m)

1 cm
on 4 Apr
clear clear part cloud thunderstorm rain showers
Mid station 757 m
3850m 4050m 4300m 3900m 3600m

(240m — 377m)

6 cm
on 3 Apr
clear clear part cloud part cloud light rain
Mid station 308 m
3850m 4150m 4300m 3900m 3600m