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Cerro Catedral Resort Reviews

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Cerro Catedral Resort Reviews

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Visitor reviews for Cerro Catedral Ski Resort

  • September 30, 2016
    from United States

    I skied there four days in September, 2016. Two of the days were sunny and warm, and two were very stormy with 18 inches of snow (good) and a lot of high wind (not so good, especially because the good skiing is mainly above treeline). On the two sunny days the snow was good with nice spring conditions, though it did get heavy later in the day on the last day, which was very warm. On the two stormy days the snow was good though rather heavy due to the relatively low elevation and late time in the season, but in wind and heavy snow visibility it can become impossible since you are above the tree line. There are plenty of nice intermediate (blue and red) runs and despite other comments I have seen the grooming seemed fine to me. Also, I thought the signage was as good as most places and I like the European and South American system of marking the edges of the runs with small signs; color-coded to the rating of the run. Wish U.S. areas would do that. The view at the top is the most spectacular of anywhere I have skied; think Telluride mountain scenery combined with Tahoe lake views. Definitely worth a trip but be aware of the visibility limitations on stormy days and of the fact that, unless you are really lucky, the lower half of the mountain is not skiable so you will need to ride up on the gondola or 6-pack chair to where there is snow, ski the upper mountain, then ride down again at the end of the day. Lots of good food and drink options both on-mountain and in the base village and of course pretty unlimited if you stay in the city of Bariloche.

  • Cerro Catedral Ratings

    Overall: 3.5. Based on 135 votes and 249 reviews. Vote

    Access: 4.6

    (1) At least one overnight stop, (2) requires a whole day, (3) requires more than half a day – you may have time for a few turns (4) arrive by lunchtime and ski all afternoon, (5) there is a main airport within an hour of Cerro Catedral.

    Public Transport: 3.6

    (1) There are no buses or taxis to Cerro Catedral, (3) there are slow or infrequent buses / trains available, (5) getting to the resort is easy with frequent bus / train connections.

    Scenery: 4.6

    (1) An ugly resort in a bland setting, (3) average mountain views and resort, (5) a spectacular setting and a beautiful / historic resort town.

    Accommodation: 4.2

    (1) No places to stay in/near Cerro Catedral, (3) a few places to stay in the resort, (5) a wide variety of accommodation suitable to suit all budgets.

    Cheap Rooms: 3.6

    (1) No budget accommodation available, (3) just one or two hostels so book ahead, (5) several cheap hostels and pensions available.

    Luxury Hotels: 4.0

    (1) No luxury accommodation available, (3) just one or two luxury hotels so book ahead, (5) several up-market hotels in Cerro Catedral.

    Ski in/Ski out: 3.5

    (1) The ski area is located far from any accommodation, (3) a free ski bus takes you to the ski area in a short trip, (5) Ski-in ski-out accommodation is available.

    Childcare: 3.8

    (1) There are no child care facilities at Cerro Catedral, (5) the resort has excellent child-care facilities including at least one reasonably priced creche.

    Snowsure: 3.2

    (1) Occasionally gets enough snow for skiing, (2) is often closed due to a lack of snow, (3) occasionally suffers from a lack of snow, (4) rarely suffers from a lack of snow, (5) Cerro Catedral is snowsure even in the poorest seasons.

    Snowmaking: 2.4

    (1) Cerro Catedral relies entirely on natural snow, (3) there are just a few snow cannons, (5) there are snowmaking facilities on all pistes.

    Snow Grooming: 3.4

    (1) There are no snow groomers at Cerro Catedral, (3) occasionally some pistes are left ungroomed and in a poor state, (5) all the runs at Cerro Catedral are groomed daily.

    Shelter: 2.7

    (1) there is nowhere to ski when it is windy or visibility is bad and lifts often shut, (3) there are some trees for poor visibility but main lifts sometimes close, (5) Cerro Catedral is mostly in forest where you can ski in flat-light and windy days, lifts rarely close.

    Nearby options: 2.4

    (1) If snow conditions are poor at Cerro Catedral, it will be poor everywhere nearby, (3) there are good alternatives within an hours drive, (5) other locations on the same lift pass provide a rich variety of snowsure ski conditions.

    Regional rating: 3.4

    (1) Cerro Catedral usually has poor snow conditions compared to other resorts in region, (3) has average conditions for the region, (5) usually has the best snow conditions in the region.

    Lift Staff: 3.7

    (1) The staff at Cerro Catedral are rude or unhelpful, (5) lift staff at Cerro Catedral are pleasant, cheerful and eager to help.

    Crowds/Queues: 2.7

    (1) the resort is always busy and there are usually long lift queues, (3) it is quiet apart from occasional weekends and school holidays, (5) it is uncrowded and lift queues are very rare.

    Ski Schools: 4.3

    (1) No ski schools available, (2) one or two ski schools but local language only, (3) a few ski schools but book early for multi-lingual instructors, (4) plenty of ski schools and multi-lingual instructors available, (5) excellent ski schools with friendly multi-lingual ski instructors.

    Hire and Repairs: 4.2

    (1) Nothing can be sourced, not even ski-wax or ptex. (3) there are some ski shops but rentals need to be booked in advance, (5) good quality ski equipment can be purchased or hired and overnight repairs are possible.

    Variety of pistes: 4.1

    (1) The ski runs are featureless and unvaried, (3) the ski runs are varied but not extensive enough for a week, (5) Cerro Catedral has diverse and interesting pistes including forests and high alpine terrain.

    Beginners: 3.4

    (1) Beginners can only watch others ski and snowboard, (3) a few gentle slopes but beginners will get bored in less than a week, (3) Vast areas of gentle terrain.

    Intermediates: 4.4

    (1) No intermediate terrain at Cerro Catedral, (3) intermediate skiers will get bored after a few days, (5) vast areas of cruising runs.

    Advanced: 4.2

    (1) Nothing for advanced skiers and snowboarders, (3) enough steep terrain for a few days with some good offpiste, (5) Enough steep terrain and offpiste areas to entertain advanced skiers for at least a week.

    Snow Park: 2.9

    (1) Not even a kicker at Cerro Catedral, (3) average sized park quite well looked after, (5) huge park area and expertly crafted pipes, jumps and boardercross trails.

    Off-piste: 3.6

    (1) No off-piste worth mentioning, (2) off piste is out-of-bounds, (3) some varied offpiste that stays fresh for one or two days, (5) a vast array of off-piste routes that can stay untracked for several days.

    Cross-country: 2.9

    (1) There is nowhere to go for cross-country skiing around Cerro Catedral, (3) there are some cross country trails available, (5) the area features many spectacular and well maintained cross-country trails.

    Luge/Toboggan: 2.4

    (1) No designated luge or toboggan runs, (3) there are toboggan runs that open quite often, (5) Cerro Catedral has long and well maintained luge / toboggan facilities suitable for all ages.

    Mountain Dining: 3.8

    (1) Nowhere to buy food by the pistes, (3) some places to eat up on the mountain but they are often busy and expensive, (5) there is a variety of excellent mountain eateries right next to the slopes to suit all budgets.

    Eating: 3.9

    (1) Bring your own food, there isn't even a shop. (5) A wide variety of places to eat and drink in the resort, from fast food to fancy restaurants.

    Apres-Ski: 3.9

    (1) Nothing to do, not even a bar, (3) there are a few bars in the resort but nothing special, (5) clubs and bars stay open until very late and have a friendly atmosphere.

    Other Sports: 2.8

    (1) No sports facilities at all apart from ski lifts, (3) resort has just a small public swimming pool, (5) resort has all kinds of sports facilities, including a full-size swimming pool.

    Entertainment: 3.7

    (1) Besides the snow and walking there is nothing to do here, (3) the non-skier will find things to do for few days but may become bored after a week, (5) the resort area is a fascinating place to visit, regardless of winter sports.

    Winter Walks: 3.0

    (1) Very limited walking and no snowshoe trails, (3) a couple of designated scenic walking/snowshoe trails, (5) extensive and diverse winter walking trails for all abilities.

    Ski Pass Value: 2.7

    (1) A 1 week ski pass is overpriced compared to the number of lifts available, (3) the ski pass is averagely priced and covers a reasonable number of lifts, (5) ski passes are excellent value for money and cover a lot of lifts spanning a big area.

    Value (National): 3.0

    (1) Overall, Cerro Catedral is one of the most expensive ski resorts in the country and not worth the money, (3) overall represents average value for money, (5) overall offers the best value resort in the country.

    Value (Global): 2.7

    (1) Overall, Cerro Catedral is one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world, (3) overall it offers pretty average value for money compared to resorts from other countries, (5) internationally the resort offers excellent value for money.

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  • September 28, 2016
    from Argentina

    Estuve en Catedral en Agosto, como todos los años.
    Dos problemas.
    El primero es el clima, cambiante, que ya no garantiza las nevadas de otros años. Esto es un denominador común a todos los centros de esquí de Sudamérica.
    El segundo la casi nula inversión en infraestructura. Algunos medios de elevación son del siglo pasado, Catedral parece un centro de esquí del Este europeo durante la Guerra Fría. Con pocos cañones lograrían optimizar alguna pista para poder llegar de la cima a la base.
    Igual vuelvo a ir siempre.

  • September 14, 2016
    from Argentina

    Fui dos veces este año y la pase exelente, en agosto cayo una tremenda Nevada, se podia bajar hasta la base y en la primer semana de septiembre fue puro sol y banco muy bien la nieve que estaba arriba de 1200.
    Las dos veces poca gente asi que los medio de elevacion estaban siempre libre como para volver a subir rapido excepto Nubes que siempre juntaba un poco mas de personas.
    No lo conocia a cerro catedral, definitivamente volvere en el 2017.
    no me gusto la atencion del parador LYNCH, muy mal servicio, por suerte esta parador Barrilete y cabaña 1600 que tienen buena onda y te sirven super rapido (en barrilete se comen una pizzas 10 puntos, caseritas, temprano se puede ver como las estan amazando unos capos...a y la chica de la caja es divina jajaja)
    lei muchas quejas por aca, osea...hay muchos otros centros de sky en el mundo...vallan a conocer otros la proxima!

  • August 24, 2016
    from Argentina

    EL Sabado 20 mi esposa que no es esquiadora quizo subir a la montaña, fue a sacar su boleto amancay, alli nomas la atiende una persona con una pobricima fluidez como para explicarle que ella no llegaria hasta la confiteria de diente de caballo donde yo la esperaria, desconociendo que a pesar de que en internet la informacion no es clara dice la silla de diente de caballo no estar operable para peatones en caso de que el tiempo no lo permita, asi como ella otras 10 personas fueron mal informadas y a la salida del las cabinas de amancay se encuentran que no pueden ascender mas deben quedarse en la ROCA. Este no es el mayor problema aqui vien la soberbia e increible actitud de las personas que estan en ese sector y que por poco te dicen esta es la situacion si te gusta bien y si no embromate. Si queres subir por otro lado baja y paga otro boleto de 380 $ . Y ahi nomas te cortan el rostro y arregalte. Nosotros somos de BAriloche me dio verguenza que no se busque agradar al cliente dandole soluciones que las hay y muchas. Si esto nos sucede a nosostros, que estamos defendiendo el turismo de la ciudad ni me quiero imaginar como se fueron los otros turistas que con decepcion se dieron cuenta que no llegarian hasta el alto de la montaña que pretendian.
    Lo peor es la actitud de quien debe con su servicio intentar que el turista vuelva y no se sienta estafado

  • August 14, 2016
    from Chile

    Amo Cerro Catedral,es lindo y aunque es perfectible como todo. El ambiente es buenísimo.Todos muy relajados,con ganasde atend er bien, etc. Para mí tiene algo mágico.

  • August 07, 2016
    from Argentina

    Absolutely beautiful resort but don't believe anything this website tells you about conditions.

    [note from the editor: establishing an honest source of reports for this area is an issue at present. Please do subscribe as an Eyeball Reporter to submit your observations at the ski area (]

  • July 22, 2016
    from Brazil

    O cerro está sem manutenção, é uma pena.
    Parece que está jogado às traças, em Ushuaia é menor mas não para toda hora pra arrumar

  • July 19, 2016
    from Argentina

    Average. Rocks in snow at top. Hardly any snow at bottom. Half mountain open and all good areas inaccessible. Will never come back. Bad food, expensive and poor skiing.

  • June 22, 2016
    from Argentina

    Si hay colectivos desde el centro de Bariloche hacia el cerro Catedral..
    No sé porque dicen que no hay otros medios de transporte ..
    Si Hay!

  • March 10, 2016
    from Argentina

    El cerro bien entendido es maravilloso, nosotros vamos en familia hace muchos años y siempre hemos disfrutado de la montaña, con mucha o poca nieve. la montaña en general es un lugar complicado, si pretendes un all inclusive , la montaña no es el lugar . disfrutar de la naturaleza, su entorno, la compania y la ventura no tiene precio, y esto aplica a Bariloche o a cualquier otro lugar donde maravillosamente puedas ponerte unos esquies y deslizarte . celebrar, disfrutar es un estado del espíritu, no culpes a otros de tu negligencia. a dejar de protestar y a pasarla bien, que pare eso esta la vida!