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Ski Austria

Auffach Resort Reviews

  • Weather Forecast for Auffach at  m altitude issued: 1 pm19 Aug 2017 (local time)
Ski Austria

Auffach Resort Reviews


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Visitor reviews for Auffach Ski Resort

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  • March 25, 2014
    from France

    Belatedly, I know, but thought I would add to the reviews. We had our annual Alps ski fest in Auffach this year. Arrived Jan 23rd, just in time for a major snow dump. Lucky, I know. Stayed at the alpenland appartments. They were superb and the hosts could not have done enough for us. Mike's bar, next to the stadl, was welcoming and handy for a reasonable priced snack and beer. I agree with the other reviews, the prices, on the mtn, were very good for quality and price. If there is more snow next year we will be back.

  • January 18, 2014
    from United Kingdom

    Been in Auffach since 14th Dec (18th Jan now). Auffach is easily the best resort in the Wildschonau. It has a great mountain restaurant in the Gipfo-Hit where service is rapid and the food, normally, way better than anything you'll find in the Alps (and not just in Austria) and at a very fair price. You'd even have to say it's good value and much cheaper and better than offerings lower down in other nearby resorts. The Gruttin Stadl bar, in Auffach village, itself, and at the foot of Red 2, is also perfect: an architect variation on the vernacular circular bar, it's actually oval. Filled mostly with German, Austrian and Dutch clientele, the atmosphere is always very friendly and lively without being intimidating. The staff are all very local and are very welcoming. The snow, this year, has been the worst for twenty years, they say. In fact, there is enough skiing, if you get tactical on the mountain and arrive for first lifts. This year, with higher temperatures, it's mostly done by 1pm-1.30pm but if you ski hard and avoid the congested pistes and lifts (below the Gipfo-Hit), you can get four hours of skiing in without having to fight for space on the snow. Before Christmas was great: snow from November still hanging about, perfect blue skies and empty slopes. The bigger issue is snow coverage generally: you would be advised only to book once you know the snow is there and deeper than the reported 60cm which amounts to minimal coverage, in reality. But, Austria isn't really about gym-skiing, or the pounding of congested slopes, it's about a pace of life that includes eating, drinking, talking to the locals, the other foreign skiers in the lifts and bars and enjoying the really pretty countryside and architecture, whether there's blanket snow coverage or not. All of that is very seductive.

  • January 10, 2010
    from United Kingdom

    Back to Auffach!
    This time we turned up on spec and got a great bed and breakfast with Frau Hausberger. Fifty euros a night and really nice. Not the cheapest way to do it but still good. The snow was not great and when it hasn't snowed in the area it gets very icy. The easy reds become hard work with the snowboards. Not great unless you can really edge. e decided not to come back as we have boarded it out now. Better choices are Val Gardena and Tignes. The snowpark has a three hat rating but frankly, is very poor. The halfpipe was wrecked and only a couple of jumps. Nothing really for beginners to the park to cut their teeth on. Strong skiing area so don't be expecting to be welcomed by everyone with your single plank. A big issue is pretty much everyone smokes even in the restaurants. There is literally nowhere you can eat or sit without being in a cloud. 44% of Austrian adults smoke and the average age of a new smoker is eleven (yes, eleven). They only just stopped smoking in schools. Smokers will love it, however, those opposed may find it a struggle. Better places to go than Auffach, really.

  • March 02, 2008
    from United Kingdom

    Just had a week in Niederau at a great Hotel (Sonneshine). No snow fall for three weeks but Auffach still had some good conditions. The queues at the lift weren't too bad apart from right at the start of the day. We had 1 week of boarding in Italy before but day two of the holiday found the red runs fine. By the end we could go on the black so they can't be too tough. Hard to judge without more experience. The main run (1) is pretty cool. Nice and long with a good mix of terrain to play about on. The warm conditions made it a bit slushy in the afternoons but still miles better than Niederau which has not much variety. The ski bus works great. If you buy your lift pass after 3.00pm ask for it to start the next day and you can ski that afternoon for free. If you collect it from the rep at the briefing it will be too late to get on the snow first day of arrival. The best of the options in the area.