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We've created this page to help you find the best snow conditions. It combines past, present and future data sources from around Snow-Forecast.com and updates regularly. The Snow Roundup page is updated on Mondays and Thursdays for all major ski resorts. Live Eyeball snow updates are shown in real time when submitted via twitter by our global network of reporters. Resort Picks lists ski resorts from around the world where new snow is forecast, powder is reported and latest snow depths.

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  1. Lobosadventure.com%20sf Villarrica Volcanoe
    Franck Dejour, Ski Man Snowboard Cross France in Snow Camp Training Pucon, all info here :
  2. Lobosadventure.com%20sf Villarrica Volcanoe
    Kevin Strucl , Coach Snowboard Cross France in Snow Camp Training Pucon, all info here :
  3. eyeball reporter Mountain Mavericks
    Book ur #Winter Holiday by #Ebay! Wild! Starting bid £500 for Chalet Le Prele Dec 14th - 7 nights! #Morzine
  4. Logo snowforcast Chalet Chardons
    Sunny intervals in Brev
  5. eyeball reporter
    Ski- and snowboardarea TODAY OPEN
  6. Snow forecast logo 2 Snowline Ski Centre
    SMIGGIN HOLES : Tuesday 16th September. Out our front window at Snowline Ski Centre. +5 degrees. Another perfect Spring day. Fine and sunny. 27 lifts are expected to run today. Put on the goggles and sunscreen and enjoy this perfect spring day.
  7. Bigals%20colour%2007 Big Als
    A breezy old day but should be OK later.
  8. Lobosadventure.com%20sf Villarrica Volcanoe
    Jerome Choupin, Coach Snowboard Cross France, Good Weather for You, Snow Camp Training Pucon, all info here :
  9. Sans%20titre 2 Aguaventura Snowshop
    Hoy el 15/09 el centro de ski esta abierto, 1, 2,3, 7 y 9, buenas condiciones #Ski #Pucon #Chile #volcan #Villarrica #araucania
  10. Skivillaroger[1] Ski Villaroger
    Cloudy today but sun breaking through!
  11. Logo snowforcast Chalet Chardons
    Beautiful sunny weekend, but light rain today in Brev
  12. Bigals%20colour%2007 Big Als
    Above the low cloud sunny spring day.
  13. P7086161 001 Casey Earle
    30cm of fluff, no wind, sunny! Best day since opening day.
  14. Sans%20titre 2 Aguaventura Snowshop
    Hoy el 14/09 el centro de ski esta abierto, 1, 2, 7 y 9, buenas condiciones #Ski #Pucon #Chile #volcan #Villarrica #araucania
  15. Logo snowforcast Chalet Chardons
    Another day of big blue skies in Brev
  16. Child%20heart small 80x60 Private Morzine Nanny
    Sunny autumn Sunday in #Morzine
  17. Logo%20blanco Galileo Boutique Hotel
    Cerro Catedral - Catedral Alta Patagonia 10 de Septiembre
  18. Bigals%20colour%2007 Big Als
    Looks great up on Mighty Mt Hutt. A bit of new snow and great weather. Get outta bed and get amongst it.
  19. P7086161 001 Casey Earle
    Fog and light snow today, clouds above and below. +1°C, light winds. Hoping for a real snowfall! !
  20. Sans%20titre 2 Aguaventura Snowshop
    Camino del volcán cerrado entre 11h et 13h #Ski #Pucon #Chile #volcan #Villarrica #araucania
  21. Sans%20titre 2 Aguaventura Snowshop
    Hoy el 13/09 el centro de ski esta abierto, 1, 2, 3, 7 y 9, muy buenas condiciones #Ski #Pucon #Chile #volcan #Villarrica #araucania
  22. eyeball reporter Freedom Ski
    Proclou lift coming together nicely #Avoriaz #FreedomSki #LoveMorzine #WinterIsComing
  23. Skivillaroger[1] Ski Villaroger
    23 degrees in Lac du Annecy!
  24. Mountain action tiny Chalet St Martin
    Clear blue skies, the first leaves turning and a sudden drop in overnight temperatures tell us autumn is on it's way folks!
  25. Logo snowforcast Chalet Chardons
    Big blue skies this morning in Brev
  26. Bigals%20colour%2007 Big Als
    Snowing lightly this morning visibility not too bad
  27. P7086161 001 Casey Earle
    Warm today with E and W slopes getting soft, south slopes still hard. Good cruising, few rocks.
  28. eyeball reporter Elysian Collection
    Just clouding over after a gorgeous blue sky day in Zermatt
  29. Logo 80x60 Chile Xtremo
    Sol y nieve espectacular, sin piedras en las pistas y no hay mucha gente. Aprovecha de disfrutar el 18 en la montaña!! 27371829
  30. eyeball reporter Hotel L'Aubergade
    Autumn is here.
  31. Sans%20titre 2 Aguaventura Snowshop
    Hoy el 12/09 el centro de ski esta abierto, 1, 2, 3, 7 y 9, muy buenas condiciones #Ski #Pucon #Chile #volcan #Villarrica #araucania
  32. P7086161 001 Casey Earle
    Sunny and cool, good hardpack, no rocks on most runs. Not softening up, snow preserved well. Good skiing! No people!
  33. Logo snowforcast Chalet Chardons
    It's going to be sunshine all day in Brev
  34. Logo 80x60 Chile Xtremo
    Días de soy y nieve espectacular en Valle Nevado, aprovecha la temporada y las últimas líneas de nieve fresca escondida.
  35. Logo snowforcast Chalet Chardons
    Blue sky in Brev