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We've created this page to help you find the best snow conditions. It combines past, present and future data sources from around Snow-Forecast.com and updates regularly. The Snow Roundup page is updated on Mondays and Thursdays for all major ski resorts. Live Eyeball snow updates are shown in real time when submitted via twitter by our global network of reporters. Resort Picks lists ski resorts from around the world where new snow is forecast, powder is reported and latest snow depths.

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  1. eyeball reporter Cerro Chapelco
    A los botes!!
  2. Snow%20candy%20logo Snow Candy
    Sunny in #morzine
  3. Skivillaroger[1] Ski Villaroger
    Cycling in #Annecy
  4. Logo snowforcast Chalet Chardons
  5. eyeball reporter Hotel L'Aubergade
    Did u know u can get ur bike fixed at Hotel @laubergade #Morzine #LoveMorzine #VTT #MTB
  6. Skivillaroger[1] Ski Villaroger
    Sun's out and its an early morning dip in #lacd'annecy #annecy
  7. eyeball reporter Hotel L'Aubergade
    Happy Hour 4-6pm and Free Bike Wash plus amazing breakfast deals! #Morzine #Summer #VTT #MTB
  8. Logo bsc%20snowforecast1%20copia Bariloche Ski Class
    Resort runs are wet and slushy. The mild temperatures have brought rain.
  9. eyeball reporter
    Ski- and snowboardarea open today
  10. Snow forecast logo 2 Snowline Ski Centre
    SMIGGIN HOLES : Friday 1st August. Out our front window at Snowline Ski Centre. -4 degrees and snowing. 47 lifts expected to run conditions permitting. Conditions are good on a fresh cover. Rug up, put on the goggles, keep warm and enjoy all the loads of snow.
  11. Unnamed Morzine Massage
    #Morzine finally has some sunshine today. Hope you #Mountain bikers enjoyed the ride
  12. Logo 80x60 Chile Xtremo
    Anoche cayeron aprox 5 cms se esperan 10 para hoy, mañana sera un gran día de nieve fresca y sol. Reserva ahora info@chilextremo.com
  13. Lobosadventure.com%20sf Villarrica Volcanoe
    Sigue la Tormenta, nos dejara mas nieve, la Primavera estada excelente, Información de Operación Ski Pucon en
  14. Snow forecast logo 2 Snowline Ski Centre
    SMIGGIN HOLES : Thursday 31st July. Out our front window at Snowline Ski Centre. + 2 degrees. Very windy ahead of expected snow. 25 lifts will run due to very high winds. Conditions are good on a deep wet base. Rug up, put on the goggles, keep warm and enjoy all the loads of snow.
  15. Logoautodoorsweb2 Andes Outdoors
    Por ahora los medios están abiertos sólo condicionalmente o cerrados por cuestiones climáticas. Poca visibilidad en la montaña :(
  16. Logoautodoorsweb2 Andes Outdoors
    Muy buenas las condiciones de la nieve en @CerroCatedralok!
  17. Source eyeball Morzine Source
    We'd love to report that there's bright sunshine above the clouds in #Avoriaz today. But we'd be lying. ...
  18. Skivillaroger[1] Ski Villaroger
    Low cloud cover, sun trying to get through, it's not raining so hopefully a warmer sunnier day today ! Heading to #annecy !
  19. Bigals%20colour%2007 Big Als
    Too windy for the lifts to spin today.
  20. Logo 80x60 Chile Xtremo
    Día despejado con nubes altas, nieve en muy buenas condiciones, poca gente en las pistas.
  21. Skivillaroger[1] Ski Villaroger
    Rain rain go away ...fresh snow on tops of the mountains! Very low cloud cover! Come back sun please!
  22. Whiterides(sticker)%20(80x28) whiterides
  23. Snow%20candy%20logo Snow Candy
    Warm and some #sun this morning, now a tad wet. Good weather for a run by the river I think #morzine
  24. Skivillaroger[1] Ski Villaroger
    Another sunny beautiful day, pool , bike or walk?#villaroger
  25. Bansko rentals logo 4 Bansko Rentals
    A great weekend for the RtN MTB rally in #Bansko
  26. Nzst%20logo%20small NZSnowTours
    It's a bit breezy, but the sun is trying, no competition for lift seats tho :-)
  27. Bigals%20colour%2007 Big Als
    A purrfect day. No crowds today. Great runs top to bottom.
  28. Skivillaroger[1] Ski Villaroger
    Gorgeous day!
  29. eyeball reporter Cerro Chapelco
    Snow forecast, no te creo más! Así esta la base . podes ver nustras webcams
  30. eyeball reporter Cerro Chapelco
    RT @Sebasss_11: Podrían informar que no andan todos los medios de elevación @cerro_chapelco
  31. eyeball reporter Cerro Chapelco
    Amigos, les contamos que en este momento la Telecabina esta sin funcionamiento por un problema técnico que estamos resolviendo.
  32. Source eyeball Morzine Source
    Cloud cover has returned to #Morzine this afternoon, warm temperatures, doesn't look like it'll rain
  33. eyeball reporter Mountain Mavericks
    Climb the famous Col de Joux Plane traffic free TODAY! Part of the TDF for 11 yrs #Morzine #TDF2014
  34. Nzst%20logo%20small NZSnowTours
    Beautiful day! The sun is shining and the snow is in great condition
  35. Sans%20titre 2 Aguaventura Snowshop
    Hoy 26-07-2014, centro ski abierto andariveles 1,2,3,7,8, camino expedito #Pucón #Volcán #Ski