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Southern Hemisphere’s 2023 Season Underway

The 2023 ski season in the southern hemisphere has gotten underway almost a month earlier than expected with a New Zealand club field, Manganui, opening on Friday, 12th May, following heavy snowfall on the country’s ski slopes over the past few days. Hundreds of skiers and boarders were reported to have taken advantage of the early ski opportunity and taken to the slopes.

Up to 40cm (16″) of snowfall was reported on Thursday morning with Coronet Peak, below, posting the biggest accummulation.

While at Cardrona, below, employees had fun in the snow.

The snowfall in New Zealand follows accumulations of up to 25cm (10″) reported in Australia and the Andes last week, although no ski areas are thought to have turned on their lifts there. Australia’s Fall’s creek pictured on May 7th.

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  1. Greg in NZ

    12th May 2023 9:53 am

    Do you mean Friday 12 May? Or are you guys living in a timewarp…

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