On Wednesday, Chileans woke up with fantastic news. El Colorado Ski Resort announced that was going to bring forward their opening date… to Friday, May 19th. That is yesterday. The reasons? Heavy snowfalls had brought an important amount of snow, creating an acceptable snowpack for skiing and snowboarding. El Colorado is located just 60 kilometers away from the capital city of Santiago, in an area known as the Three Valleys (it’s called like this for being just next to La Parva and Valle Nevado).

El Colorado during opening day. // photo: instagram.com/alltoski

Usually, resorts in Chile do not open for the season until mid June. In fact, initial opening was scheduled for that month in El Colorado. However, as Snow-Forecast.com had anticipated, a series of storms hit the Andes, specially on the first days of this month. Additionally, another snowfall claimed the early winter conditions on Thursday, leaving the resort in perfect conditions for yesterday’s opening.

Last week’s snowfalls made it possible for this resort to open for the season in May. // photo: Facebook

El Colorado’s forecast

9-day snow forecast for El Colorado, Chile. // source: snow-forecast.com

Forecast for El Colorado is more than promising. With a good base layer of snow right now, about half meter of snow is expected for this week. The even better news is that temperatures will remain low, below or near cero degrees, which, for this time of the year -middle of fall in South America- is simply great.

Snowfall map for Tuesday in the Santiago de Chile area. // source: snow-forecast.com

You can keep an eye on what happens at El Colorado and all South American resorts with our 9-day extended snow forecasts and weather maps for the area. If things keep on going this way, it will be an excellent season in the Southern Hemisphere.

Valle Nevado will also open in May

Valle Nevado will also open for the season in May! // photo: Facebook

El Colorado’s neighbor, Valle Nevado, has also brought forward its opening date. Originally scheduled for June, will now open for the season end of May.

“With the last storms, we’ve already got more than 80cm of snow and can guarantee excellent quality of snow and trails. For than reason, we are going to bring forward opening date to end of may.” Official Valle Nevado’s statement