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Nick Russill

Italian ultra-cyclist begins first crossing of Antarctica by bike

[edit 5th Dec 2022 - Omar Di Felice's attempted crossing of Antarctica has ended prematurely. Following three stationary days in his tent, he was picked up by Antarctic Logistics and returned to Union Glacier Camp. The reasons are not clear, other than his blog stating "serious personal issues." This means that Welsh Adventurer Maria Leijerstam remains the only person to have reached the South Pole by bike. Her record-breaking journey took place in 2013.]Italian climate activist and ultra-cyclist Omar Di Felice hopes to complete the first 2,000km coast-to-coast crossing in 60 days. Earlier this week, Omar arrived at Hercules Inlet in western Antarctica and began cycling over the ice toward the South Pole. A live track of his progress can…

What did we discover during lockdown?

Back when we all thought the world would end due to the Millennium Bug (it didn't), we made a t-shirt. It was the first one we produced and features an early logo derived from the fridge in our home office. If you're like us, you may have whiled away some lockdown hours tidying your shed. "be part of snow-forecasting history with a chance to own one of our first ever t-shirts!" That's what I did, and in a Tesco bag full of broken snowboard bindings I discovered this rare example. It gave us an idea: make a limited run of these shirts and surprise the first few hundred fans who subscribed by sending them one. Now you can own…