As US ski areas continue to announce their late spring/early summer ski opening plans it’s becoming apparent that at least six will be open into June, and possibly 10 or more.  Many of those still open are operating weekends (typically Friday to Sunday) and early daily hours (eg 8am to 2m) on limited terrain.

Temperatures have finally started to warm up but the snowpack remains at double the average in many areas in the west, leading to the most late opening of ski centres in the area since 2011, when around 10 areas stayed open through spring or re-opened for skiing on the 4th of July..

In California Mammoth Mountain and The Palisades both plan to open through June and into July, the latter announcing last week a four day festival over US Independence day on 4th July.  

Oregon’s famous Palmer Snowfield summer ski area above Timberline (pictured below) has opened for 2023 and aims to stay open to August and potentially the start of September.  It’s usually the last in North America to end its season a month or two before the next one begins.

Utah’s Snowbird (pictured top) says it plans to close after the Memorial Day Holiday at the end of May for a few weeks, but then re-open in mid-June with access to the snow possible on their new tram cabins which give the option of travelling outdoors in an open-air ‘balcony’ om the roof. It doesn’t yet know when it will finally close for the season.

In Colorado, Arapahoe Basin will, as usual, be open to at least the first weekend in June. Winter Park has also not yet named a season end date. A third Colorado possibility, if you book into a Woodward camp, is a terrain park still going above Copper Mountain.

America’s only summer ski only area, Beartooth Basin on the Wyoming/Montana border, says it will open for its 2023 run, into June at least, next weekend.

Other ski areas across the US that had closed for the season have been announcing re-openings, so there’s a strong chance there may be more. Utah’s Sundance re-opened in mid-May having been closed for five weeks; this weekend Wild Mountain in Minnesota ran a snow jam and next weekend California’s Dodge Ridge as it will re-open for the Memorial Day holiday weekend at the end of May. It reports its snowpack at over 200% average after more than 750 inches of snowfall in 22-23.

Killington in Vermont (pictured below) has also not yet announced a season end date.