2014 Snow-Forecast.com Calendar Photo Call

Got an excellent snow photo that you'd like to submit to our next official Snow-Forecast.com calendar?

Just go to our gallery page and upload your best photos from anywhere in the World. The shortlisted and final photographers will all receive a Snow-Forecast / Skogstad t-shirt and 12 months membership of the site. CLOSING DATE: 20th October 2013

We're giving away a limited edition 'Art of Flight Movie' DVD/Blu-Ray/Book box set

The most viewed photo that we shortlist by the deadline date will get a stunning limited-edition photo book, DVD & Blu-Ray box set of “The Art of Flight” Movie.

One of a limited run of 5,000 that were released, it consists of 204 pages of photography collected during the two-year filming project. The “The Art of Flight” showcases nine photographers’ art and skill, coupled with Travis Rice ‘ and the other riders’ personal stories of their experiences making “The Art of Flight”.

It's said that, this book is “a testament to modern print technology” due to Hardback, with hand stitching, two gatefolds and multiple fifth-color printing techniques.

If you've been on another planet and haven’t seen the film or trailer, here it is again. “The Art of Flight” a Curt Morgan film with John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Nicolas Muller, DCP, Jake Blauvelt, Pat Moore, Jeremy Jones, Eero Niemela and of course Travis Rice.