Below is our listing of ski chalets and resort lodgings located in Manzaneda. Browse our growing list of self-catered chalets, ski hotels and other accommodation in Manzaneda for your ideal ski holiday. We are keen to hear from chalet owners from budget to luxury in all ski resorts to offer our users the best choice of lodgings.

Manzaneda ski chalets and resort accommodation

Ski chalet / hotel name Link Phone
Hotel - Restaurante Paiño 988 332 132
Hotel As Chairas 988 350 168
Hotel O Remansiño 982 435 168
Hotel Vila de Viana 988 329 205
Casa Grande De Trives 988 332 066
Estación de Montaña Manzaneda 988 309 090
Hotel Monumento Castelo de Maceda 988463367
Paladium Hotel 988 336 801
Parador De Monforte De Lemos Monasterio San Vicente Do Pino 982 418 484
Pazo De Castro 988 347 423

Please contact us if your ski chalet, resort hotel or other Manzaneda accommodation is not shown above and you would like us to add it to our listing.