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USA - Georgia-USA: latest snow conditions round-up

USA Last week was another very snowy one in the US with Colorado making the headlines for big accumulations there (most resorts got at least a metre of snow in just a few days, some as much as 1.5 metres (five feet) of snow. This caused plenty of logistical issues but also racked up the avalanche danger to ‘extreme'. Arapahoe Basin (239/239cm) was one of those resorts the closed completely because of it and nearby Copper Mountain (218/305cm) was temporarily closed when an avalanche took out a nearby gas pipeline, causing a leak, several avalanches hit roads too trapping drivers in their cars.

In California, and most of the rest of the West of the US, it kept snowing too, with ski areas on the Pacific coast overtaking Switzerland to post the world's deepest bases at over six metres (20 feet). There was snow again in the East too, but it has also been windy and at times warm, although bases are still holding up.

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