Ski India

India is home to nearly a dozen ski areas, most of them fairly primitive facilities in the foothills of the Himilayas.

By far the best known internationally is Gulmarg which is generally regarded as the highest ‘proper’ ski area in the world with lifts peaking at nearly 4,000m (there are highest ski slopes in China but they have just one run and short drag lift).

Gulmarg began life as a hill station in British Colonial times and in the past few decades has faced the challenges of its proximity to Pakistan and the terrorist activities of Kashmiri separatists which have resulted in occasional kidnaps, cross border shelling and most visible day to day, a heavy Indian army presence.

The centre added a second chairlift for the 11–12 season and has up to 70km of runs and over 1000m of lift served vertical.

Other major resorts include Auli with a 4km long gondola that was at one time Asia’s longest and Narkanda.

There have been several plans to build ‘international standard destination resorts’ in India over the past 10 years too. One high profile project by the grandson of Ford Motor Cars founder Alfred Ford was bogged down in controversy and litigation for many years.

India is also known for its affordable and exciting heliskiing and if you’re down in the hotter parts of the country you can find a couple of indoor snow centres to escape the heat too.

India: latest snow conditions round-up

Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in India. Fresh snow is forecast at 10 resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 0 are reporting good piste conditions.

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(2520m — 3049m)

rain showers light rain light rain rain showers rain showers
Mid station 2784 m
5250m 5050m 5050m 5000m 5150m

(2600m — 3950m)

rain showers thunderstorm mod rain rain showers mod rain
Mid station 3275 m
5100m 4450m 4200m 4000m 4350m

(2000m — 5500m)

snow report 19 days ago

8 cm
19 days ago
light rain rain showers rain showers mod rain light rain
Mid station 3750 m
5050m 4550m 4550m 4450m 4500m

(4000m — 5500m)

snow report 12 days ago

2 cm
12 days ago
part cloud light snow light snow light snow clear
Mid station 4750 m
4750m 4300m 4300m 4350m 4100m

(4000m — 6400m)

snow report 8 days ago

16 cm
8 days ago
cloud part cloud cloud light snow part cloud
Mid station 5200 m
5150m 4900m 4700m 4750m 4700m

(2024m — 2502m)

part cloud part cloud thunderstorm part cloud cloud
Mid station 2263 m
5300m 5000m 5000m 4950m 5000m

(3500m — 7135m)

snow report 9 days ago

2 cm
9 days ago
snow showers light snow light snow light snow clear
Mid station 5318 m
4700m 4200m 4250m 4300m 3950m

(3770m — 6000m)

snow report 8 days ago

15 cm
8 days ago
snow showers snow showers rain showers light snow clear
Mid station 4885 m
4900m 4450m 4550m 4400m 4300m

(2750m — 3200m)

light rain rain showers rain showers mod rain light rain
Mid station 2975 m
5050m 4550m 4550m 4400m 4400m

(2895m — 5500m)

snow report 8 days ago

10 cm
8 days ago
part cloud part cloud part cloud light rain clear
Mid station 4198 m
5050m 4800m 4600m 4750m 4650m