Ski Ethiopia

It is not normally possible to snow ski Ethiopia and you will not find any lifts or Ethiopia ski areas.

The country’s highest point is 4,550m (14,928ft) high Ras Dashen in the Semien Mountains at the northern end of Ethiopia. This towers nearly 4,000m (13,123ft) above the surrounding landscape making it one of the 25 highest mountains in the world in terms of their rise above the land surrounding them.

What Ras Dashen lacks is much snow, very often, although snow can accumulate on the upper slopes in rare circumstances and photographs of the mountain with snow appear to indicate that if you were there on the right day having hiked up a long way, it could potentially be possible to ski Ethiopia.

The mountain is in fact the eastern peak of a vast volcano, the northern half of which has spectacular ravines cut up to 1000m deep in to it by streams which draining in to the Takkazzi River.

On the western side of this super volcano is Mount Biuat (almost as high at 4,510 meters) with the two divided by the Meshaha river valley. The first known ascent of Ras Dashen was in the 1840s by French army officers surveying the region.

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