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It has never been reported that anyone has managed to ski on snow in Egypt but snow does fall occasionally, and normally, when it does, very thinly on the rocky Jabal Katherina mountain.

The mountain, Egypt’s highest and next to the internationally better known Mt Moses – also known as Mt Sinai (where God handed Moses the 10 commandments) – does not get any snow most years, but occasionally does. Predicting when more than a few hours ahead is nigh on impossible.

Anyone wishing to head to Jabal Katherina with their skis or snowboard on the off chance reportedly needs to ensure they have permission to make the ascent from the local police and must take a local guide.

The chances of skiing or boarding Egypt may increase if one of the indoor snow centre projects that have been mooted for the country come to fruition, including one from the company behind Ski Dubai.

Egypt: latest snow conditions round-up

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