Ski Croatia

Croatia is of course best known for its beautiful Adriatic coastline and islands rather than for Croatia ski areas, but in fact there are several small ski areas where you can ski Croatia during winter.

Croatia's main ski areas include Platak, 150km from capital Zagreb, which has five lifts including a double chairlift, magic carpet, snowmaking, slopeside accommodation and night skiing. A second ski area, Sljeme, has similar facilities with its ski slopes are primarily situated on the northern slopes of Medvednica Mountain.

Of course Croatia has made a name for itself on the world ski map over the past decade thanks to the huge success of the Kostelić family of ski racers.

They are Janica who (at the time of writing) remains the only woman to have won four gold medals in Alpine skiing at the Olympics (in 2002 and 2006), and the only woman to win three Alpine skiing gold medals in one Olympics (2002) and her older brother Ivica who is one of the few racers to successfully specialize in slalom and combined, who has won the world championship in slalom (2003) and three Olympic silver medals in slalom (2010) and combined (2006 and 2010), along with the overall World Cup title in 2011.

Croatia: latest snow conditions round-up

Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in Croatia. Fresh snow is forecast at 0 resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 0 are reporting good piste conditions.

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part cloud thunderstorm clear clear clear
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3900m 3500m 3300m 3700m 4400m

(792m — 1052m)

3.0 cm
89 days ago
thunderstorm thunderstorm part cloud clear clear
Mid station 922 m
4050m 3850m 3550m 4000m 4450m

(273m — 954m)

6 cm
98 days ago
part cloud part cloud clear clear clear
Mid station 614 m
3800m 3550m 3400m 3650m 4400m

(320m — 400m)

13 cm
on 19 Jan
part cloud part cloud clear clear clear
Mid station 360 m
4100m 3850m 3700m 4000m 4450m