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More Big Snowfalls in New Zealand

There have been more big snowfalls in the past 24 hours in New Zealand. The ski areas in the South Canterbury area have seen particularly snowy conditions with 30 centimetres of snowfall accumulating above 500 metres this morning and the snow continuing to fall all day. Mt Dobson, Ohau (pictured top) and Roundhill ski fields

Heavy August Snowfall in the Alps

There has been heavy snowfall in the European Alps over the past few days. The snow comes after a period of extremely hot weather which became known as ‘Lucifer’ and saw temperatures widely reach the 40s Celcius, and reportedly 55C at the hottest point. Only a limited number of ski areas are currently open for

Portillo, Chile Stops Selling Day Tickets As From Tomorrow Due To Lack Of Snow

Portillo Ski Resort in Chile announced that is going to stop selling day tickets as from tomorrow, Saturday, due to lack of snow. In a statement posted last Wednesday on their website and social networks, they argued that the reasons for the decision were the current snow conditions. The text also highlighted that Portillo will resume selling day tickets once conditions get

Where In The World Is Open for Snowsports in August 2017?

It’s the height of summer in the northern hemisphere but 10 centres are open through August in Europe and north America.  There’s even been some fresh snow on glacier slopes in the Alps. South of the equator it’s mid-winter and there’s been some heavy snowfalls in South America (Valle Nevado is pictured top in July