The world’s most southerly ski area, Cerro Castor in Argentina, down towards Tiera del Fuego, has announced it is opening its restaurant and ice rink today, July 9th, with all the now normal pandemic-spread-prevention measures in place.

There is no word yet on when or if its ski slopes might re-open, but opening any facilities seems a step forward.

The pandemic picture in Argentina is complex, as it is in most countries. The country locked down early and has suppressed infections better than most other south American countries. It was easing its lockdown last month when there was an increase in infections in the capital, leading to a renewed lockdown there, but elsewhere cases have been relatively low and restrictions seem to be gradually easing.

According to limited information posted by Cerro Castor so far, travel between regions in Argentina and all leisure air travel remains suspended so they are opening facilities for local people only.

Other Argentinian ski areas have not announced any change to full closure so far. Cathedral near Bariloche (pictured top), the continent’s largest ski area in terms of uplift capacity last posted on Friday to remind backcountry skiers that their mountain remains closed to the public.

They did say they had teams working on the mountain with machinery that could provide dangers to anyone there without authorisation, they also warn that due to the heavy snowfall there’s a high risk of avalanches.

Another leading Argentinian ski area, Las Lenas, announced early in the pandemic before the season was due to start last month that they would not open for the 2020 ski season whatever happened.