The Fonna Glacier late spring/summer ski area has opened for its 2020 season in Norway.

The centre is reporting an exceptional 14.9 metre (49 feet) depth of snow on its upper slopes, with only slightly less at the bottom of the runs.

It took well over a month for diggers to dig out the access road to the centre.

A few weeks ago there was a concern whether Norway’s three summer ski areas would be able to open due to the pandemic, but the country has begun easing its lockdown and has allowed smaller ski areas to re-open if agreed by their local authorities.

At least half-a-dozen smaller centres have re-opened for domestic skiers based locally.  They have strict virus-spread-risk reduction measures in place.

A second summer ski centre at Galdhøpiggen is due to open on the 16h May and the third one, Stryn, on 29th May.

All three of Norway's glacier areas are opening this month with up to 49 feet (nearly 15 metres) of snow lying.