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April 2020


Issued: 25 March 2020 By Patrick "Snowhunter" Thorne They're still skiing in Sweden. Most resorts are still open at present, all taking strong measures to prevent virus spread. Here's Idre FjälL. North American RoundupEuropean RoundupAsia Roundup INTRODUCTION NORTH AMERICA Ski Apache, believed to be the last ski field operating this winter in New Mexico, will close today after what they say has been a "phenomenal season". The number of ski areas still open in North America can now be counted on one hand as shutdowns continue in the fight to limit the spread of coronavirus. That hasn’t stopped people skiing and boarding in many areas with a number of areas welcoming ski-tourers still, although others are stressing this isn't permitted and/or…

Open Top ‘Gondola Cabriolet’ To Debut in Ski Resorts

A new model of gondola which will has windows removed from the cabin is to go into service in ski resorts. Swiss company Bartholet has designed the Cabriolet Gondola so that its windows are open all the time with a fixed opening. It will not be a case of the windows coming down when the weather is good. “The glass cannot be closed when the weather is bad but if a ski area also has regular glass-enclosed  gondolas on the line, the gondolas can be easily exchanged depending on the weather and the garage system,” said Bartholet’s Denise Linder. Bartholet say the first cabins have even already been sold to several ski resorts, although we don’t yet know which resorts.…