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Ski Greece

Pilion Photo by xeplenis

Ski Greece

Pilion Photo by xeplenis

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Pilion Photo: 'pros xania ' by xeplenis

pros xania, Pilion
user: xeplenis (2 photo)
photo taken at: 12:00 am 10 Feb 1950

pros xania

Greece | Pilion

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giro sto 1993 π.χ.

Recent comments

erol Güzel
al Τοτε που στο πηλιο οδηγουσαν στην αριστερη πλευρα του δρομου οπως στην Βρετανια, στην Κυπρο, στην Ιαπωνια....
David this looks amazingly like a place in Japan, wait it is Japan, where they DO drive on the left side of the road, you have been busted for "misplacing a photo"
David Boock this is Japan, where they drive on the left side of the road, on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route linking the Tateyama station and Ogizawa
sabbo FAKE..siga min einai kai to 1821..agriolefkes exei sto pilio oxi elata..ksupnate reeeee..
Giorgos I photo afti DEN einai apo to Pilio. Einai apo Iaponia. Alloste ta aftokinita kinountai anapoda.