Ski Japan - Nagano

Happo One Photo by Nao Yuki

Ski Japan - Nagano

Happo One Photo by Nao Yuki

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Happo One Photo: 'Happo Monkey Onsen' by Nao Yuki

Happo Monkey Onsen, Happo One
user: Nao Yuki (1 photo)
photo taken at: 12:00 am 17 Nov 2012

Happo Monkey Onsen

Japan - Nagano | Happo One

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Happo Backcountry Hottub/Onsen

Recent comments

derren This is a fake. It's clearly been photoshopped and is misleading. Not only is this not in Happo but the Jigokudani Onses is just for monkeys. No parent would allow their child to get into that dirty water (the monkeys poo in it) nor would the monkeys! There is a definite class system in place. I'm sure the staff there would also prevent any person from entering the hot springs.