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Resort Bases Pass 2m Mark As Huge Snowfalls Continue in New Zealand

Bases have been building fast in New Zealand as huge snowfalls have continued to bring deep snow to the country. It’s looking good for the rest of the season at most of the country’s ski areas now but in the short term the extreme weather has closed many areas with travel made hazardous, power outages, operational difficulties and high avalanche risk amongst the issues being faced. When areas are open they are very busy as this is one of New Zealand’s peak school holiday periods and some areas have had to close to new arrivals at times as their slopes reach capacity. Mt Dobson (pictured yesterday, video today) is one of the areas that now has more than 2.1m of

Ski Holidays to Iran Available Next Winter

A British-based ski company better known for its well-serviced chalets and apartments in the French Alps than for organising ski holidays to what might be considered exotic destinations is to offer packages to Iran next winter. Mountain Heaven boss Nick Williams visited and skied Iran with his son in spring 2016 after UN sanctions against the country had ended and international trade became possible again.  He had hoped to offer holidays for small guided groups there last winter, but faced logistical problems. “We did not run the trips last year because although we had a lot of interest getting a visa was very complex,” said Nick, “However as Iran now has an embassy open in London, it’s much easier for

Ski Holidays to Antarctica this Winter

Australian-owned adventure company Aurora Expeditions, who specialise in polar trips, is expanding its portfolio of Antarctic activities for the 2017/18 season with the introduction of ski touring as well as snowshoeing trips to Antarctica this winter. “Fuelled by a passion for thrilling new wilderness experiences, these unique skiing and snowshoeing activities will take intrepid travellers to sights of unimaginable beauty in the most exhilarating way possible,” Emma Savage of Aurora Expeditions commented. Antarctic Ski Touring will offer the experienced and the bold the opportunity to ski near-virgin glacial slopes, traverse remote areas to iceberg-studded bays rarely seen by human eyes, gaze at penguin rookeries and breaching whales in hard to access locations, or even follow in Shackleton’s footsteps across South

Is a City in Northeast China About To Become One of the World’s Great ‘Ski Towns’ ?

‘Harbin’ up in China’s northeasterly province of Heilongjiang is not known as one of the world’s best-known ski destinations, but that could all change in the coming decades as China’s richest man (or second richest depending on which report you read) has decided to spend $6 billion (or $3 billion according to some reports) on the world’s biggest indoor snow centre to date.  It officially opened at the weekend after four years of construction. Former army officer and now business tycoon Wang Jianlin, who has an estimated net worth of more than €30 billion, and who’s Dalian Wanda Group already runs several conventional ski areas across China  said that he was committed to make Harbin one of the leading winter

Is Greenland About To Get A ‘Proper’ Ski Resort?

Greenland, variously described as ‘Europe’s North-western Frontier’ and ‘North America’s most Easterly point’ (Wikipedia describes it as: “physiographically a part of the continent of North America  (but) politically and culturally associated with Europe”), is of course famous for its glaciers, snow, and for generally not being very green to look at. It’s also an amazing spring ski-touring and heli-skiing destination (the pictures used here were taken by Hans Solmssen who runs spring Heliski trips here each year), it’s also good for dog sledding and polar bear or iceberg watching, and the northern lights look amazing from there. What Greenland has lacked though, so far, is much of a developed ski infrastructure.   There are reported to be a few drag lifts

Is Chambéry Airport Getting Better?

Chambéry Airport (or ‘Chambéry Savoie Mont Blanc Airport’ to give it its full name) has been building a reputation as a quicker and easier way to reach some of the big French resorts than flying in to Geneva.  Most are around 100km/2 hours away, some as little as a 90 minute transfer. It’s also much smaller, there’s plenty of parking by the terminal and its closer to many famous ski areas. Plus you also don’t need to negotiate often heavy congestion and a border crossing in Geneva – the roads around Chambéry are usually pretty quiet. But it hasn’t all been good news for Chambéry, it was initially a victim of its own success, it’s only a few years since

Arapahoe Basin Ends (Probably) The Longest Ski Season in the World

Arapahoe Basin in Colorado has ended its 2016-17 ski season after 230 days of operation. “Closing Day was full of costumes, pond skimming on Lake Reveal, tunes from our favorite local band High 5 in the base area, and lots of smiling faces. We had a fantastic season up here at The Legend, and we are proud to be home to the longest ski and ride season in Colorado,” said the resort’s Marketing and Communications Manager Adrienne Saia Isaac. The centre, one of the world’s 10 highest ski centres, opened for the season all the way back on October 21, 2016 – at a time when other ski centres in Western North America that had hoped to open as early

The History Of Chacaltaya, Bolivia | The World’s Highest Ski Resort That Disappeared Because of Climate Change

Chacaltaya Ski Resort stands at an altitude of 5,375m (17634 ft) above sea level. It's the world's highest ski resort, or rather it was... Only memories of the good old days remain at this place. Snow is gone, and so has the skiing. The worst part of all this? It is not coming back. History During the last century, Bolivian citizens enjoyed this resort in the heart of the Andes, and only half-an-hour away from the city of La Paz, one of Bolivia's capital cities. It was a ski area, with only one mechanical lift, placed over a glaciar, also called Chacaltaya. Furthermore, there was a restaurant and a chalet for tourists. Lots of visitors

Extreme Las Leñas: The Side Of The Coin That Makes It Special

On one side, a small, hidden ski resort at the foot of the Andes mountain range. Ideal for families, friends and beginners, and host to one of the most exciting après-ski of the entire world. On the other side, a place that hardcore skiers and snowboarders from all corners of the planet should visit at least once before they die: Las Leñas is a mind-blowing playground for extreme skiing. Today, we'll focus on this side of the coin. Location With a population of aproximately 40 million, Argentina is the world’s eight largest country, and the largest Spanish-speaker country in the world. There are about fifteen ski resorts in Argentina, located along the border with Chile. Las Leñas is one of the most important ones,

The state of the Ski Industry

Luxury Ski Chalet operator Consensio recently released a report combining data from a wide range of ski operators that gives and interesting insight into the state of the industry - especially from the point of view of French and Swiss ski resorts. Some of the key findings include: Val d’Isere remains the resort of choice in France with over 30% of the market votes Verbier remains the most popular resort of choice in Switzerland, with Zermatt following a close second. According to the report, chalets were more popular than hotels with an overwhelming majority of 81%, however this particular statistic does seem to contradict other reports that say hotels are more popular. ============================================ What are the most popular ski resorts