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The team took on board user feedback that the site was great if you knew which mountain destination you had in mind, but harder to use if you were interested in watching several different resorts within a similar driving radius to your home or accommodation. The idea behind MySnow is to have a handy digest of all your favourite resorts, maps and user settings on one page. Who can have a MySnow Page? Everyone! If you sign up for snow alerts, upload a photo to our gallery or register an account via our mobile app, you will have a login to the site emailed to you. Premium subscribers automatically get access to an enhanced page (see below). Once in,

Winter 2017 continues…

A large storm continues to bring fresh snowfall to the European Alps this week, mostly in Austrian resorts which is luckily where most of the resorts that are open are. The Obergurgl region has seen up to 15cm of new snow, but elsewhere glacier resorts such as Hintertux have had over 30cm in the past 24 hours. A look at our Ski Austria pages shows those resorts reporting the best piste conditions and new powder, so check this out regularly if you're lucky enough to be able to head to the mountains!   Not forgetting French resorts, Tignes reports 20cm of snow in the first 24 hours of May

The state of the Ski Industry

Luxury Ski Chalet operator Consensio recently released a report combining data from a wide range of ski operators that gives and interesting insight into the state of the industry - especially from the point of view of French and Swiss ski resorts. Some of the key findings include: Val d’Isere remains the resort of choice in France with over 30% of the market votes Verbier remains the most popular resort of choice in Switzerland, with Zermatt following a close second. According to the report, chalets were more popular than hotels with an overwhelming majority of 81%, however this particular statistic does seem to contradict other reports that say hotels are more popular. ============================================ What are the most popular ski resorts

The best powder Skis & Snowboards for 2017

Freeride, off-piste, sidecountry, backcountry – whatever you want to call it – make the most of the amazing snow conditions with our pick of the best powder skis and snowboards available as we head into Spring 2017. 2017 has been an amazing season in terms of snow records - especially in the USA. It doesn’t matter if you’re a skier or boarder, if you’re headed to one of the resorts in North America – or you’re from that side of the pond and about to take a trip – you want to make sure you’ve got the right gear to make the most of the unprecedented levels of pow. So here are our picks of the top powder-friendly weapons of choice

Yoga for Skiers & Snowboarders

The yoga videos below are a series originally made by Sian Leigh of Health Shed for Whitelines snowboard magazine. They aim of the series is to help winter sports enthusiasts in the lead up to their trips to avoid the injuries that beset many people to one extent or another. The first video is great for complete beginners or those out of practice and progress as you do. The main secret with yoga is to listen to your body, and to be kind to yourself. It’s a practice, not a punishment! Part 1: 45-minute beginner yoga for skiers & snowboarders This is the first in the series to prepare you for your time on the snow. We will be opening

How to stay safe off-piste and avoid avalanches

[The following post has been adapted from an article Henry's Avalanche Talk] It is safe to say that there are two types of skier or snowboarder. There are those who are happy to stick with the popular slopes and those that crave more excitement. For some of us the lure to adventure ‘off-piste’ will be inevitable. The call to find fresh, untouched powder to carve through in the back country is all to appealing. You are keen to challenge yourself whilst taking in beautiful scenery and avoiding the hustle and bustle of the kept pistes. If the latter is you, it is important to understand the risks of doing so and to prepare accordingly. One false move or lapse in

Why you should pre-book ski & snowboard gear before your trip

For a lot of skiers and snowboarders, one of the key considerations when planning any trip is whether it's better to rent equipment at their chosen resort or to bring their own. For those who might be classed as novices to the sports or who maybe ski/snowboard less frequently, more often or not the preference will be to rent. For those who perhaps take the sport more seriously the perceived notion is that you should look to own your own kit as soon as possible. Is this the best advice? The answer in short is it depends! There are pros and cons for both and it of course depends on where you ski/snowboard and how often. We've partnered with Skiset

Snowboarder rescued from a crevasse

This guy was extremely lucky to fall 50 feet into a crevasse in Chamonix and live to tell the tail, via footage recorded while he awaited rescue. The important message from this is to be prepared for the dangers when you're out in the mountains and take the necessary precautions. An extended article on this survival story can be read here. Featured image credit, original author (Brendan K)