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Matias Ricci

Big Storm Approaching the Andes. More Than 2 Meters Of Snow Forecast For Chile

The current season will be remembered for a long time in South America as one of the best in years, specially in the Patagonia region. Above-average snowfall at almost every resort in Argentina and Chile led to countless powder days in some of the Andes' top ski areas. Still, season is far from ending: a massive storm is heading the mountains and will deliver lots of snow in the next week. Cerro Catedral, Argentina When Cerro Catedral (in Bariloche) has snow, it is among the top ski destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. According to SnowBrains founder and freeskier Miles Clark, between August 6th and August 18th there were 11 (out of 12) powder days. Not bad! 9-day forecast for Cerro Catedral.

Portillo, Chile Stops Selling Day Tickets As From Tomorrow Due To Lack Of Snow

Portillo Ski Resort in Chile announced that is going to stop selling day tickets as from tomorrow, Saturday, due to lack of snow. In a statement posted last Wednesday on their website and social networks, they argued that the reasons for the decision were the current snow conditions. The text also highlighted that Portillo will resume selling day tickets once conditions get better. According to Portillo's general manager, Miguel Purcell, 85% of the ski area was opened for skiing on Tuesday. The hotel is full and people are skiing normally. However, the snow cover is thin, and won't last for too long if it doesn't snow soon. Portillo's

All Time Conditions In Southern Andes After Big Snowfall and Storm

Last week, we said that most ski resorts in Argentina and Chile were experiencing an important lack of snow. Now, conditions have changed dramatically. A massive snowfall and storm took place in the Southern Andes during the last few days, forcing authorities to block routes and causing power outages in hundreds of Patagonian towns: a nightmare for residents, the skier's dream. Bariloche, Chapelco and Ushuaia had to close their airports because of the extreme weather conditions. There is still no electricity in neither Bariloche nor San Martin de los Andes (Chapelco). However, Cerro Catedral was able to operate thanks to a electric generator. Also, all important roads remained closed by today morning. Cerro Catedral (Bariloche), Argentina 40 cm (base) snowfall past 24 hours // 70 cm (top) snowfall past

South America Snow Conditions Roundup (6th July)

In South America, especially in Argentina, ski resorts don't tend to provide very accurate information regarding snow conditions. In fact, they rarely measure or carry official records about snow depths and total season snowfalls. When they do, these numbers are not always correct. Here is our quick summary of real snow conditions in the most important Chilean and Argentinean ski resorts, from Cerro Castor to Portillo. SNOW CONDITIONS IN ARGENTINA Cerro Castor Snow covers the whole resort, and all slopes -except for Halcón Peregrino area- are open. However, due to the lack of recent snowfalls and some rain, trails are extremely hard, icy and fast. Snow is forecast for the next week, which is excellent. Cerro Castor, on

Big Snow Forecast for Argentina and Chile This Week

Heavy Snow Forecast for Argentina and Chile this Week. Read our latest post for extended forecasts, real conditions snow report roundup and photo tour A major winter storm is heading the Andes mountains. The Argentinean Meteorology Service (SMN) has issued a series of alerts for all the range, from Tierra del Fuego to Mendoza: heavy, persistent snowfalls and intense winds are the most significant ones. Current snow conditions, forecasts and pictures for some of the most important resorts in Argentina and Chile. Las Leñas - Argentina Las Leñas is currently with very little snow, except for the base area, which is covered with artificial snow. However, it will

The History Of Chacaltaya, Bolivia | The World’s Highest Ski Resort That Disappeared Because of Climate Change

Chacaltaya Ski Resort stands at an altitude of 5,375m (17634 ft) above sea level. It's the world's highest ski resort, or rather it was... Only memories of the good old days remain at this place. Snow is gone, and so has the skiing. The worst part of all this? It is not coming back. History During the last century, Bolivian citizens enjoyed this resort in the heart of the Andes, and only half-an-hour away from the city of La Paz, one of Bolivia's capital cities. It was a ski area, with only one mechanical lift, placed over a glaciar, also called Chacaltaya. Furthermore, there was a restaurant and a chalet for tourists. Lots of visitors

Freeride World Tour: Four FWQ Events In South America For 2017

The Freeride World Tour (FWT) is freeriding's Premier Event. This series of five events take place every year in Andorra, Chamonix, Fieberbrunn, Alaska and the iconic Xtreme Verbier. Only 50 of the best riders in the World compete in the FWT. But there is also another program, known as the Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ), which is designed to develop the talent and skills of up-and-coming athletes. In the Freeride World Qualifier, riders accumulate points via 60 events held around the world (including 40 in Europe). The score system is based on the star ranking of the qualifying events (1-4 stars) and the event region: region 1 (Europe, Asia, and Oceania) and region 2 (USA, Canada, Chile, and Argentina). Freeride World Tour is

Second Big Snowfall Leaves Valle Nevado and La Parva Ready for Today’s Opening | 40+ Photos Of All South American Resorts

Valle Nevado and La Parva ski resorts will open for the season today Friday, May 26th. This way, they will join their neighbor, El Colorado, which opened for the season last week. The Storm By yesterday's morning, Valle Nevado and La Parva had gotten about 40 centimeters of fresh snow. This, added to the consistent snowpack that both resorts already had, will allow them to habilitate lifts and slopes almost one month before the winter starts, and weeks before all other resorts in the Southern Hemisphere. The big storm took place overnight. However,

Extreme Las Leñas: The Side Of The Coin That Makes It Special

On one side, a small, hidden ski resort at the foot of the Andes mountain range. Ideal for families, friends and beginners, and host to one of the most exciting après-ski of the entire world. On the other side, a place that hardcore skiers and snowboarders from all corners of the planet should visit at least once before they die: Las Leñas is a mind-blowing playground for extreme skiing. Today, we'll focus on this side of the coin. Location With a population of aproximately 40 million, Argentina is the world’s eight largest country, and the largest Spanish-speaker country in the world. There are about fifteen ski resorts in Argentina, located along the border with Chile. Las Leñas is one of the most important ones,

Season Has Started In Chile and There Is More Snow On Its Way

On Wednesday, Chileans woke up with fantastic news. El Colorado Ski Resort announced that was going to bring forward their opening date... to Friday, May 19th. That is yesterday. The reasons? Heavy snowfalls had brought an important amount of snow, creating an acceptable snowpack for skiing and snowboarding. El Colorado is located just 60 kilometers away from the capital city of Santiago, in an area known as the Three Valleys (it's called like this for being just next to La Parva and Valle Nevado). Usually, resorts in Chile do not open for the season until mid June. In fact, initial opening was scheduled for that month in El Colorado. However, as had anticipated,