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May 2017

Freeride World Tour: Four FWQ Events In South America For 2017

The Freeride World Tour (FWT) is freeriding's Premier Event. This series of five events take place every year in Andorra, Chamonix, Fieberbrunn, Alaska and the iconic Xtreme Verbier. Only 50 of the best riders in the World compete in the FWT. But there is also another program, known as the Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ), which is designed to develop the talent and skills of up-and-coming athletes. In the Freeride World Qualifier, riders accumulate points via 60 events held around the world (including 40 in Europe). The score system is based on the star ranking of the qualifying events (1-4 stars) and the event region: region 1 (Europe, Asia, and Oceania) and region 2 (USA, Canada, Chile, and Argentina). Freeride World Tour is

Australian Ski Area to Start Season Early Following Heavy Snowfall

Ski areas in Australia, where the 2017 ski season is due to start the weekend after next, have reacted with glee to heavy snowfall over the past 24 hours. Although few official snowfall stats are available yet as the season is not underway, accumulations of 15-30cm have been reported at most of the country’s leading resorts. Temperatures have also been sub-zero allowing snowmaking systems to work at capacity. So far, the country’s largest ski area, Vail-owned Perisher has announced plans to open some terrain a week early – this Saturday, June 3rd.   The news follows the early-opening of El Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado ski areas in Chile, up to a month earlier than planned, after

Work Resumes on World’s Highest Tri-cable Gondola Lift

Work’s on the world’s highest ‘tri-cable’ or ‘3S’ lift has resumed above Zermatt for the second summer. The new lift, which will offer an additional way of reaching the year-round skiing area known as the ‘Matterhorn Glacier Paradise’ besides the existing cabled car, is due to open for winter 2018-19. Work commenced last year and, due to the high altitude and exposed nature of the site, the lift is being built during 100 day ‘weather windows’ each spring and summer over three years. Ascending to 3,883m (12,740 feet) above sea level, the tricable’s 25 modern Pininfarina cabins will have 28 seats each. The new gondola lift will make the journey up to the Matterhorn glacier paradise significantly more comfortable and

Second Big Snowfall Leaves Valle Nevado and La Parva Ready for Today’s Opening | 40+ Photos Of All South American Resorts

Valle Nevado and La Parva ski resorts will open for the season today Friday, May 26th. This way, they will join their neighbor, El Colorado, which opened for the season last week. The Storm By yesterday's morning, Valle Nevado and La Parva had gotten about 40 centimeters of fresh snow. This, added to the consistent snowpack that both resorts already had, will allow them to habilitate lifts and slopes almost one month before the winter starts, and weeks before all other resorts in the Southern Hemisphere. The big storm took place overnight. However,

Squaw Valley Boss Urges Skiers and Riders to Argue against Trump Plan To Cut US Commitments to fight Climate Change

Andy Wirth, the President and CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski areas has published an open letter in which he urges skiers and boarders to encourage the American government department, EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) to, “…maintain and even increase the critical regulations that combat climate change.” Mr Wirth’s call comes as President Trump, who vowed during his campaign to eradicate President Obama’s policies related to climate change, plans to sign an executive order directing Scott Pruitt, the new E.P.A. administrator, to begin the legal process of undoing Mr. Obama’s regulations surrounding the reduction of greenhouse pollution generated from coal-fired power plants. These regulations are the cornerstone of the Obama Administration’s program that supports our nation’s compliance with

Rapid Growth In Sales for ‘All Weather’ Snowmaking Machines

Special snow making machines which can produce snow in positive temperatures are seeing a rapid growth in sales around the world. The machines have existed for around 20 years in various forms, and have commonly been used to make snow for events in urban areas and outside the ski season, but the past Northern Hemisphere ski season and the coming Southern Hemisphere one has seen a rapid growth in sales of the machines, in particular to low altitude resorts and ski areas located in areas where snowfall is not guaranteed, particularly at the start of the season. The most popular machine is the ‘Snow Factory’ unit from Techno Alpin, but the units follow a similar model of making the snow

Extreme Las Leñas: The Side Of The Coin That Makes It Special

On one side, a small, hidden ski resort at the foot of the Andes mountain range. Ideal for families, friends and beginners, and host to one of the most exciting après-ski of the entire world. On the other side, a place that hardcore skiers and snowboarders from all corners of the planet should visit at least once before they die: Las Leñas is a mind-blowing playground for extreme skiing. Today, we'll focus on this side of the coin. Location With a population of aproximately 40 million, Argentina is the world’s eight largest country, and the largest Spanish-speaker country in the world. There are about fifteen ski resorts in Argentina, located along the border with Chile. Las Leñas is one of the most important ones,

Season Has Started In Chile and There Is More Snow On Its Way

On Wednesday, Chileans woke up with fantastic news. El Colorado Ski Resort announced that was going to bring forward their opening date... to Friday, May 19th. That is yesterday. The reasons? Heavy snowfalls had brought an important amount of snow, creating an acceptable snowpack for skiing and snowboarding. El Colorado is located just 60 kilometers away from the capital city of Santiago, in an area known as the Three Valleys (it's called like this for being just next to La Parva and Valle Nevado). Usually, resorts in Chile do not open for the season until mid June. In fact, initial opening was scheduled for that month in El Colorado. However, as had anticipated,

Clean-up days Underway at Mountain Resorts

Volunteers are busy walking the slopes of ski areas around the world cleaning up the ski slopes in the quiet season between the end of winter and start of the main summer season. A number of charity and environmental groups, as well as businesses operating at ski resorts and just volunteers from resorts and mountain communities have been hitting the slopes armed with buckets and bin bags to clean up trash left behind after the snow melts. The Respect The Mountains environmental charity, now part of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA), has been one of the big organisers of mountain clean-ups and in 2016 took to the slopes of mountains from sun-baked Tenerife, and famous resorts of the

Heavy Mid-May Snow in North & South America Leads to Unseasonal Resort Openings

It has been snowing heavily, and continues to snow, this week in both North and South America at the same time. Usually, of course, it doesn’t snow in North America during the South American ski season, and vice versa, but this is that grey area between the northern and southern winters when it can snow in either or both hemispheres at the same time – it just doesn’t happen very often. (Snowfall at Mammoth Mountain California this week) For ski areas the snow – up to 35cm has been reported in Western North America and up to 60cm in the Andes of South America so far – is something of a quandary.  Do North American areas re-open top give

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