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Savagnières - Bugnenets Resort Reviews

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Savagnières - Bugnenets Resort Reviews

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Visitor reviews for Savagnières - Bugnenets Ski Resort

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  • December 28, 2009
    from Switzerland

    Savagnières - Bugnenets is a great little ski region with easy and more difficult slopes. Don't expect a large alpine ski resort though.

    That said, the ski lessons for the kids are excellent and much better than any we've had experience with so far in the Alps. The groups are smaller and we found the teachers to be more focussed. Even for the very small ones (3 years old) the activities were excellent.

    If you live close in the area (i.e. Neuchatel/Bern) then Savagnières - Bugnenets is a very good place to go skiing, even if you're a good skier the region has some nice steep slopes you can really attack.

  • January 16, 2008
    from United Kingdom

    We just love the place. The people are very helpful even when I fell of the ski lift. A magic place. We will be back very soon and hope to do a lot more skiing.
    Merci et a bientot.