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Mt Rose Ski at Tahoe Resort Reviews

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Ski USA - Nevada

Mt Rose Ski at Tahoe Resort Reviews

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Visitor reviews for Mt Rose Ski at Tahoe Ski Resort

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  • December 24, 2008
    from United States

    Mt Rose rips! Mostly it's a family oriented resort w/ less fancy lodges and less beautiful people than Squaw etc... but "the chutes" which opened up in 2005 or so, are, hands down, the best in-bounds steeps in Tahoe. Not much traffic on them so you can find powder a few days after a storm, especially if you've got the guts to tree ski at a 45 degree pitch.

  • November 02, 2004
    from United States

    Well out of all the tahoe resorts this is the one i went to the most.
    It's not the most high tech but is has good snow because of the very high elevation, and nice views of the lake.
    The reason why i went there a lot is taht it's uncrowded, and only about 25 mn from reno.
    So y can stay at a casino hotel for 50-70$ a night and ski here with a very short drivea and 50$ lifts.
    That compares with skying at squaw with 58$ lifts and prbably like 100-200$ for an hotel in tahoe city.
    So a good deal overall.
    The drawbacks are that it can get very windy at the top and most lifts are slooooow.