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Mt Hood Meadows Resort Reviews

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Mt Hood Meadows Resort Reviews

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Visitor reviews for Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort

  • February 03, 2015
    from United States

    If you don't like Meadows please don't come back and please tell all of your other elitist friends how horrible it is so that they will never come. Go stay in Vail or Tahoe or Jackson's hole with all of the other self righteous indignant elitists! Meadows has every condition and will make you a great rider in every condition while Vail will give you nice conditions all season and make you a good rider with perfect conditions but when you hit slush or ice or variable conditions it's very apparent you've been spoiled as A) you don't know how to ride it and B) you complain about it. It's very apparent that they are trying to push the lower class out of the ski industry which sucks! And to complain about the conditions is like complaining about your gear. I ride a 13 year old board which has been falling apart and being epoxied back together for years, the edges are coming loose, the bottom sheet is separating, the top sheet is delaminating, the threads don't hold screws for long but given all of that I still shred harder than all the brand new gear toting elitists . And I ski harder than them too which really pisses them off when you're wearing skis; out-skiing them and then you tell them you do both and that snowboarding is harder to do. As far as trying to defend Meadows I won't because I don't need to change anyone else's mind on the matter. I love it and am such a better rider in the 3 years that I've been here as opposed to the 15 years I rode in Colorado.

  • October 20, 2014
    from United States

    It is worth mentioning once each year. The US Forest Service designates Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort as a winter recreation area with CLOSED boundaries. (Some ski areas have permanently open boundaries and some have gated boundaries.) If you look at the history of storms and avalanches in-and-around the area leased by Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort, you will appreciate CLOSED boundaries. Every avalanche that has ever killed anyone has looked like good skiing until it started moving.

  • April 21, 2014
    from United States

    For all those who say Meadows "saves the upper mountain and Heather for the weekend kooks," in my several years of experience lift maintenance has gone above and beyond, in some pretty nasty weather, to open the lifts as soon as it is possible. For those upset about opening Heather early in the season, not only do they have issues with avalanche control, they also have to build snow bridges across the Hood River, which basically starts in Clark Canyon. Not enough snow or snow that doesn't pack well equals no safe passage through the canyon. Regarding surly lift staff, those guys are only paid minimum wage and they're treated like crap by most of management and the other resort employees. They receive the most scrutiny because not only do they deal with weekend warriors and blue blood douchebags who think Meadows should be exactly like Vail, but they also have to deal with all the other employees and managers from other departments who will tell them they're doing their jobs wrong. If you're a gaped-out weekend warrior or have a crappy attitude, they're going to reflect that with their own attitudes. Treat them kindly and with respect and they'll also return the favor. Finally, Meadows has a policy of addressing anything after they've received 3 written complaints about something, no matter how trivial. If you think the food options suck (and yes, the employees agree), feel free to write the Portland Sales Office and tell them how much the Schuss sucks.

  • April 16, 2014
    from United States

    The worst year at Meadows, possibly ever. I think there are way too many rules to ski the Super Bowl when it is open and, having skied Jackson Hole, Snowbird and Black Comb, I hate the way they do it at Meadows. Good skiers are not welcome here. The place is way over regulated in my opinion and I will try to ski elsewhere next year, even though I have a house 17 miles from the hrm parking lot.

  • February 11, 2014
    from Canada

    I skied here today for the first time. And after driving 6 hours to get here, I was not that impressed. The staff seemed very disinterested in anything. I asked for directions to the lockers and was greeted with a grunt and a point. I looked for some food options and only one little canteen was open (I later found a coffee shop that was open until 1pm). Only 3 lifts opened for the day with little chance of anything further opening up this week. Granted, the conditions are very poor this year and the ice storm that just rolled through has not helped.
    I have read below that this is a 'locals mountain' and that is fine. I prefer the smaller more intimate places to ski, as opposed to the huge resorts, but at $74/day, you would think that the staff would be a little more respondent to day pass skiers and not just the Seasons Pass group.

  • February 08, 2014
    from United States

    February 7, 2014. There is 87" of snow at mid mountain and Heather Canyon has yet to be opened this year.

  • January 11, 2014
    from United States

    The comment from another reviewer is 100% Meadows. Timberline is a separate ski resort and their prices are different. Meadows did drop their prices this season, so those are different, but the reviewer is right, that's Meadows!

  • March 28, 2013
    from United States

    Meadows is one of the better ski areas in Oregon. It has better terrain than most places. Most of the lifts are high speed quads.The Private Reserve and Heather Canyon are great challenges. To the folks who complain about lift lines - this is a ski area located fairly close to a large metropolitan area. Every city gaper in Portland comes out as a weekend warrior. If you came on a Saturday or Sunday and you are complaining about lift lines, then you must be one of those city gapers. A very high lift ticket price is a good way to cut back on some of those silly weekend warriors. Rude staff? How about rude guests who think they are in Vail or Tahoe? If you have complaints about Meadows, please don't come back. We don't need your attitude or poor skills on the mountain.

  • March 23, 2013
    from United States

    The tickets at Meadows are $74, and that is from open to close. Skiing for 12 hours for $74, that seems like an ok deal to me. A little over $6 an hour. Skibowl is fun, but the lifts are extrememly slow. Tline is fun, but most likely you will spend your whole day on Flood and Norman and be bored after an hour or two because the Mile and Palmer never open in the winter. Go whereever as long as you are having fun. And be nice to the employees, they probably deal with so many jerks from Portland that's why they have bad attitudes.

    [27th Dec 2013 - we have been informed that this is a review for Timberline, not Mt Hood Meadows.]

  • March 20, 2013
    from United States

    I love Meadows and have had a season pass for years.

    The teaching staff that we have worked with are wonderful, but I do think that the food is less then good and the attitudes of the serving staff to the consumer is mostly awful. It seems like there is an overall acceptance to treating the people that come up there with poor regard or limited level of respect. There are amazing staff there too, but it is definitely the exception to the rule. Most staff have an attitude that you are bugging them, especially when spring rolls around.
    Have to say that the parking staff have seemed to lighten up a bit and are way more professional then they have been, however. Dropping off kids at Meadows from Government Camp was always such a huge deal in the past. Not sure why drop offs have to end up being so stressful when all we wanted to do was get our kids up to the mtn to ski. But it does seem like they have figured out a way to make this not such a big deal.
    If we had another option, we would probably have left a while ago, or bought a place in Sunriver and ski at Bachelor. Have ended up skiing at Ski Bowl way more this year, than in the past. They are so much more relaxed and kind there.
    My suggestion to Meadows would be to make sure your managers are modeling good behavior and kindness because that's what us NW People expect from a NW area ski resort. If the management and managers aren't happy and flexible, then the staff won't feel like they have to be either.
    Kindness and a good attitude makes everyone have a way better day!