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Visitor reviews for Mount Washington Ski Resort

  • January 24, 2016
    from Australia

    A few points:
    - folks are not coming here for the night life and clubbing
    - they are not coming for the fine dining
    - they are not coming for the shopping
    - they are not coming for a village experience
    - they are not coming to invest in real estate.
    They are coming to ski. That is the product that Mt Wash should be selling, a high quality skiing experience.
    The average skier has intermediate skiing skills. They do not enjoy skiing 3 day old, cut up, wet and now frozen crud. They want a pleasant skiing experience for their family. This means good grooming! and lots of it, not just a couple of the runs on a weekend and holidays. Everything should be groomed.
    No one enjoys lift lines and crowded slopes so why not improve the Sunrise lift, there is excellent skiing over there. However, the lift is so slow most folks won't ride it. Replace it and you will pull lots of traffic off the busy Eagle Chair and Littons & Coaster runs.
    I am sure there are skiers around that love to ski the week old, cut up, coastal Pow; so let them ski Powder Face and the Basin, etc. Your average skier is looking for an enjoyable experience and that means well groomed runs.

  • January 20, 2016
    from Canada

    It is a good thing that things that are beyond the control of management are going well. Everything that those in positions of power within the organization have been doing seems to be a concentrated afford to drive away their loyal client base.
    It is almost laughable that they decide to eliminate the mid-week pass and then crunch the numbers and find that they don't think there are enough people to run the Noonerang during those midweek days. Go figure....
    The mountain has had a long history of open gates to access the side country terrain for those with the skills, equipment and training to safely ski the backcountry then and now; with the new owners suddenly the gates are closed. If you look at their promotional materials all of the pictures were taken out of bounds. It seems like they are trying to sell something they don't actually offer anymore.
    Hopefully, as the new owners become more hands on they will rectify these issues.

    [note from the editor: name of individual left out of review.]

  • January 20, 2016
    from Canada

    Every single Monday-Friday pass holder was pissed when you screwed them this winter, many said fuck it and left. Many persevered. Remember the stash just outside the ropes we loved to poach they thought; that was enough to bring them back. And slash it they did. Until one day that rope was closed, and the screw turned tighter..

    Yes, they persevered. Remember the powder days on the boom when no one was there. Turns for everyone, the things marketing gurus dream of: "empty slopes and deep pow". So they revelled in it. Then one day the boom was closed, and the screw turned tighter...

    It's still open on the weekend they thought, we will ski it then. Summer tires on a wintry road and patrol labouring with little time to spare slowed the pace but they got their turns in. But so did the thousands of others and it was quickly tracked out. And the screw turned tighter...

    A cold beer in the bar, that's what we need to drown our sorrow they though. But whats this? A line of families blocking the way? So they left disheartened. Will they be back? Of course they will. This is what they live for. But not all of them will. And those that don't give those that do less reason to return because the screw just keeps getting tighter.

  • January 16, 2016
    from Canada

    My Washington: it's definitely a love/hate relationship.
    I grew on this mountain and still love the winter atmosphere up there. Great skiing and great lift, however, the grooming sucks and so does the food in Teddies bar. Runny chilli and and overpriced everything else. Why can't someone put out a decent burger? Or change it up with a new cook. I have been looking at the same gross menu for years! Oh, well, we're still skiing on Vancouver Island right? Living in paradise, and pinching ourselves daily for living in this hidden jewel of the world. I can make a great sandwich anyways, and sitting on my tailgate or in my vehicle for lunch isn't so bad.

  • January 15, 2016
    from Canada

    I'm a season pass holder who lives for powder days. Since Xmas all access to our backcountry is closed after 20 years of access. It's hard to accept that it is "closed" by a decision of our new owners. The same ownership now opens the outback Friday to Monday, regardless of conditions. Nobody skis there when there's been melt/freeze; it's virtually unskiable. When it's powder that's where all good skiers flock to. I thought, with new ownership, we would be taking a step up...apparently not. Also, those liftes "six" who would have made wages on the Boomerang if it was operating, whom are for the most part foreigners. Shame on you, Pacific Group, especially after a record Xmas break. I guess the last owners were at least looking out for skiers best interest, as you aren't.

  • January 12, 2016
    from Canada

    Ok, there better be some new pubs and stripper bars built up here or I'm gonna start making my wife take her stretch pants off in parking lot three!! I'll charge 10$ a head and you'll get a burger with all the fixings not just lettuce and a wilted pickle. Couple of changes up the hill are noted: Boom barely opens, no more back country gates, but that's kinda awesome; keeps the short bus Victoria swim team from hiking up and leaving urine stains everywhere, washrooms are so dirty I won't even pleasure myself anymore in them and the chilli sucks and 14$ wings? Whatever fat teddy grill I'll also start bringing my own tail gate chicken deep fryer. All in al,l it's still rad. We're skiing right! Getting pissed and driving down like a blind jerk still seems to be tolerated. So head on up, pull a quad ball grab or a triple daffy extreme butter poke then straight line into Timmy's golden shower glades; it's gonna be a sick year either way.

  • January 10, 2016
    from Canada

    I am a big fan of Mt. Washington and, let's face it, as an Islander I have little other choice. Although, last winter's snow debacle was not their fault, I was upset at the way they handled the seniors passes. Sure, a 50% credit was offered, but then they did away with the mid-week seniors pass, replacing it with a full pass which ta-daa, amounted to an extra payment of almost the exact amount of the 50% credit! Yes, we seniors are not that stupid! I invested in Whistler Edge Card credits instead this year and decided not to invest in a pass for Mt. Washington for the season. I may take advantage of their new pre-loaded cards and pay in advance for 3 days, but until the return of the mid-week passes they have lost me as a regular skier. Most of my mid-week friends spend money in the cafeteria, ski shop, get skis waxed and sharpened at ski tech and several of us have purchased skis there over the years. We are a group that needs looking after, not cheated. Most of us don't want to ski on holidays and weekends anyway. Also, sorry to see the 6-packs go as the transfer-ability of them, plus the discount, made them very attractive.

  • January 03, 2016
    from Canada

    2016 at Mt Washington in a nutshell:
    New owners, big talk, thousands of holiday skiers, new mgt making $ hand over fist, zero attention to the basics! Understaffed and undertrained. Grooming on downhill and XC non existent, XC track worse than the backwoods of Missouri.
    Not a favourable "fresh start"; enough to kill any revived enthusiasm for the local hill.
    Deeply disappointed.

  • December 22, 2015
    from Canada

    Up at Mt.Wash on the 14th: sunny all day. Best snow I've seen. See you at New Years...

  • December 13, 2015
    from Canada

    Welcome back to the powder. Opening day was very nice; no crowds, ski onto the chairs and powder 'till end of day. A real welcome back.