Ski Japan - Toyama

Gokurakuzaka Current Weather Conditions

  • Weather Forecast for Gokurakuzaka at  m altitude issued: 2 pm22 Jan 2017 (local time)  
Ski Japan - Toyama

Gokurakuzaka Current Weather Conditions


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Current weather conditions and live observations for Gokurakuzaka based on the nearest weather station observations (including METAR, SYNOP, ship and quickscat wind data). This is the most reliable place on to see what is happening with the weather in Gokurakuzaka right now. Also check out the current weather map overlays on our dynamic weather maps.

Current Weather Conditions near Gokurakuzaka

as reported by the 5 closest weather stations

Weather Station WeatherWindTemp.Visibility
Visibility /

Toyama Airport

24 km W27 m above sea level

2 hours ago
snow showers
Shower light snow
15 S15
light winds from the S.(Wind varies from 100 to 200 degs)
(17 km/h at 180°)
1 °C


25 km WNW17 m above sea level

1 hour ago
15 SSW15
light winds from the SSW
(13 km/h at 200°)
1.0 °C-

no observation


41 km W7 m above sea level

22 minutes ago
0 SSW0
(2 km/h at 203°)
2 °C-


41 km WNW13 m above sea level

1 hour ago
heavy rain
Moderate to heavy freezing rain
10 SW10
light winds from the SW
(11 km/h at 220°)
1.3 °C40 km
40 km

no observation


49 km S561 m above sea level

1 hour ago
light snow
Continuous light snow
5 NE5
light winds from the NE
(6 km/h at 40°)
-1.0 °C27 km
27 km

no observation

* NOTE: not all weather stations update at the same frequency which is the reason why some resorts may show data from stations that are further away than known closer ones.