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Mzaar Kfardebian Resort Reviews

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Mzaar Kfardebian Resort Reviews

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Visitor reviews for Mzaar Kfardebian Ski Resort

  • February 17, 2012
    from Lebanon

    Faraya resort (Mzaar Kfardebian) could be fantastic but it is a disaster. Year after year the ski resort deteriorates. Lifts not working for weeks because of broken generators, Nabil and Rouge slopes are never groomed, lines are terrible. It would be so easy to organize a decent line so we are not pushing each other like animals. What a lesson for small kids.
    The upper chair lifts are closed as soon as the wind blows slightly and if there is no wind they open at 11 am in the best case.
    There is always an excuse.
    It is a disaster.
    Wake up guys.
    I'm disgusted.

  • February 15, 2012
    from Lebanon

    I wonder about those guys in Kfardebian, they take our money in ouyoun el simane fakra and all related Faraya resorts and area , and they are not even trying to fix the road from Kfarzebian to Ouyoun el simane. Don't try to take that road it will cost you your tires. Their town hall is taking all our resources just for their village, and even their village has no improvements. I wonder what do they do with all that money. so guys I advise you to take the road from Faraya, at least the gravel is in good shape and road signs are on every turn. It is the only good way to reach the ski station which by the way my father, me and my sons are still naming Faraya whether they like it or not.

  • February 09, 2012
    from France

    Mzaar is a crappy resort, the slopes are crowdy, their ticket and lifts systems are archaic. You have to fight with uncivilized people to keep your place in the queue while the lifts which could take 3 persons at a time is taking only one. Finally, beware of the staff, they are not friendly at all.

  • February 07, 2012
    from Lebanon

    I disagree with another reviewer as trip distance is not measured by distance but by delay. If you presume that the distance from Faitroun Roundabout to Mzar Kfardebian is 18.3 km passing all the way through Kfardebian but 17 km passing by Mayrouba, Hrajel, Faraya, and then Kfardebian, the time required to reach your destination is 14 min versus 16 min respectively. Nevertheless, the passageway from Faraya towards San Antonio is unsafe (no guardrails) and includes plenty of sharp corners. If you choose to go through the main road from Faraya you shall pay attention to the left turn located at a 12% grade where more than 20 accidents occur during the season.
    I would prefer to pass all the way through Kfardebian taking advantage of the gain in time, wonderful scenes, safe roads, pavement rehabilitation, road marking, and driving pleasure?

  • February 07, 2012
    from United Kingdom

    Mzaar is a gr8 resort. Very big with different gr8 terrains though lots of people head over there so it's kinda jammy to me. I prefer the cosy, nice resort in Laklouk which is a gr8 place to be.

  • February 05, 2012
    from Lebanon

    Mzaar is a nightmare resort. When it snows it takes 2 days to clear the roads, driving up to Mzaar is then a dangerous trip. Traffic on the weekend is a major headache with thousands of people on the road, passing and creating two lanes going up and blocking skiers from getting to and from the slopes. Security on the piste is non existent and lines on the lifts is managed by idiots who let the chair lift go up with one skier when there is room for three. Skiing Mzaar is like living in Lebanon, a total mess. Skiers do not understand priority on the slopes and God forbids you have an accident there no one is there to help. I rate Mzaar ok if you go up on a Monday or Tuesday, if you are patient and do not expect much. The advantage is proximity to the city but if you have the chance go ski in the civilized world.

  • February 04, 2012
    from Lebanon

    For all people who always comment about Faraya or Kfardebian for more info, the Faraya main square is also a part for Kfardebian so we can say that the half of Faraya village are also in Kfardebian in case no matter for me what people say about the name the important thing that the ski resort are in Ouyoun-Simane Kfardebian, and the most important is that all money from chalets and hotels.... (taxes) are for Kafrdebian municipality. So thank you all for spending your money in our beautiful country, Kfardebian :)

  • February 02, 2012
    from Lebanon

    I love skiing in Mzaar Kfardebian .. and only in Kfardebian!

  • February 01, 2012
    from Lebanon

    Kfardebian Mzaar is a great place to be during all seasons be it winter, summer..
    another reviewers comment below makes sense, however, all should know that Mzaar / Ouyoun El Siman is part of Kfardebian village and not Faraya village.
    In any case the whole mountain area of Lebanon is a great place to be no matter what you call it; Faraya, Mayrouba, Kfardebian..

  • January 31, 2012
    from Lebanon

    i love kfardebian ski Resort, I'm sure it's called Kfardebian & not Faraya.