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Mzaar Kfardebian Resort Reviews

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Visitor reviews for Mzaar Kfardebian Ski Resort

  • February 07, 2012
    Rawad from Lebanon

    I disagree with another reviewer as trip distance is not measured by distance but by delay. If you presume that the distance from Faitroun Roundabout to Mzar Kfardebian is 18.3 km passing all the way through Kfardebian but 17 km passing by Mayrouba, Hrajel, Faraya, and then Kfardebian, the time required to reach your destination is 14 min versus 16 min respectively. Nevertheless, the passageway from Faraya towards San Antonio is unsafe (no guardrails) and includes plenty of sharp corners. If you choose to go through the main road from Faraya you shall pay attention to the left turn located at a 12% grade where more than 20 accidents occur during the season.
    I would prefer to pass all the way through Kfardebian taking advantage of the gain in time, wonderful scenes, safe roads, pavement rehabilitation, road marking, and driving pleasure?

  • Mzaar Kfardebian Ratings

    Based on 67 votes. Vote

    Access: 4.3

    (1) At least one overnight stop, (2) requires a whole day, (3) requires more than half a day – you may have time for a few turns (4) arrive by lunchtime and ski all afternoon, (5) there is a main airport within an hour of Mzaar Kfardebian.

    Public Transport: 3.2

    (1) There are no buses or taxis to Mzaar Kfardebian, (3) there are slow or infrequent buses / trains available, (5) getting to the resort is easy with frequent bus / train connections.

    Scenery: 4.3

    (1) An ugly resort in a bland setting, (3) average mountain views and resort, (5) a spectacular setting and a beautiful / historic resort town.

    Accommodation: 4.2

    (1) No places to stay in/near Mzaar Kfardebian, (3) a few places to stay in the resort, (5) a wide variety of accommodation suitable to suit all budgets.

    Cheap Rooms: 3.7

    (1) No budget accommodation available, (3) just one or two hostels so book ahead, (5) several cheap hostels and pensions available.

    Luxury Hotels: 4.1

    (1) No luxury accommodation available, (3) just one or two luxury hotels so book ahead, (5) several up-market hotels in Mzaar Kfardebian.

    Ski in/Ski out: 4.1

    (1) The ski area is located far from any accommodation, (3) a free ski bus takes you to the ski area in a short trip, (5) Ski-in ski-out accommodation is available.

    Childcare: 3.4

    (1) There are no child care facilities at Mzaar Kfardebian, (5) the resort has excellent child-care facilities including at least one reasonably priced creche.

    Snowsure: 3.8

    (1) Occasionally gets enough snow for skiing, (2) is often closed due to a lack of snow, (3) occasionally suffers from a lack of snow, (4) rarely suffers from a lack of snow, (5) Mzaar Kfardebian is snowsure even in the poorest seasons.

    Snowmaking: 2.3

    (1) Mzaar Kfardebian relies entirely on natural snow, (3) there are just a few snow cannons, (5) there are snowmaking facilities on all pistes.

    Snow Grooming: 4.1

    (1) There are no snow groomers at Mzaar Kfardebian, (3) occasionally some pistes are left ungroomed and in a poor state, (5) all the runs at Mzaar Kfardebian are groomed daily.

    Shelter: 3.0

    (1) there is nowhere to ski when it is windy or visibility is bad and lifts often shut, (3) there are some trees for poor visibility but main lifts sometimes close, (5) Mzaar Kfardebian is mostly in forest where you can ski in flat-light and windy days, lifts rarely close.

    Nearby options: 2.7

    (1) If snow conditions are poor at Mzaar Kfardebian, it will be poor everywhere nearby, (3) there are good alternatives within an hours drive, (5) other locations on the same lift pass provide a rich variety of snowsure ski conditions.

    Regional rating: 4.4

    (1) Mzaar Kfardebian usually has poor snow conditions compared to other resorts in region, (3) has average conditions for the region, (5) usually has the best snow conditions in the region.

    Lift Staff: 3.7

    (1) The staff at Mzaar Kfardebian are rude or unhelpful, (5) lift staff at Mzaar Kfardebian are pleasant, cheerful and eager to help.

    Crowds/Queues: 3.3

    (1) the resort is always busy and there are usually long lift queues, (3) it is quiet apart from occasional weekends and school holidays, (5) it is uncrowded and lift queues are very rare.

    Ski Schools: 4.1

    (1) No ski schools available, (2) one or two ski schools but local language only, (3) a few ski schools but book early for multi-lingual instructors, (4) plenty of ski schools and multi-lingual instructors available, (5) excellent ski schools with friendly multi-lingual ski instructors.

    Hire and Repairs: 4.0

    (1) Nothing can be sourced, not even ski-wax or ptex. (3) there are some ski shops but rentals need to be booked in advance, (5) good quality ski equipment can be purchased or hired and overnight repairs are possible.

    Variety of pistes: 3.7

    (1) The ski runs are featureless and unvaried, (3) the ski runs are varied but not extensive enough for a week, (5) Mzaar Kfardebian has diverse and interesting pistes including forests and high alpine terrain.

    Beginners: 4.1

    (1) Beginners can only watch others ski and snowboard, (3) a few gentle slopes but beginners will get bored in less than a week, (3) Vast areas of gentle terrain.

    Intermediates: 4.3

    (1) No intermediate terrain at Mzaar Kfardebian, (3) intermediate skiers will get bored after a few days, (5) vast areas of cruising runs.

    Advanced: 4.0

    (1) Nothing for advanced skiers and snowboarders, (3) enough steep terrain for a few days with some good offpiste, (5) Enough steep terrain and offpiste areas to entertain advanced skiers for at least a week.

    Snow Park: 2.6

    (1) Not even a kicker at Mzaar Kfardebian, (3) average sized park quite well looked after, (5) huge park area and expertly crafted pipes, jumps and boardercross trails.

    Off-piste: 3.8

    (1) No off-piste worth mentioning, (2) off piste is out-of-bounds, (3) some varied offpiste that stays fresh for one or two days, (5) a vast array of off-piste routes that can stay untracked for several days.

    Cross-country: 3.1

    (1) There is nowhere to go for cross-country skiing around Mzaar Kfardebian, (3) there are some cross country trails available, (5) the area features many spectacular and well maintained cross-country trails.

    Luge/Toboggan: 2.8

    (1) No designated luge or toboggan runs, (3) there are toboggan runs that open quite often, (5) Mzaar Kfardebian has long and well maintained luge / toboggan facilities suitable for all ages.

    Mountain Dining: 4.0

    (1) Nowhere to buy food by the pistes, (3) some places to eat up on the mountain but they are often busy and expensive, (5) there is a variety of excellent mountain eateries right next to the slopes to suit all budgets.

    Eating: 4.1

    (1) Bring your own food, there isn't even a shop. (5) A wide variety of places to eat and drink in the resort, from fast food to fancy restaurants.

    Apres-Ski: 4.1

    (1) Nothing to do, not even a bar, (3) there are a few bars in the resort but nothing special, (5) clubs and bars stay open until very late and have a friendly atmosphere.

    Other Sports: 3.5

    (1) No sports facilities at all apart from ski lifts, (3) resort has just a small public swimming pool, (5) resort has all kinds of sports facilities, including a full-size swimming pool.

    Entertainment: 3.3

    (1) Besides the snow and walking there is nothing to do here, (3) the non-skier will find things to do for few days but may become bored after a week, (5) the resort area is a fascinating place to visit, regardless of winter sports.

    Winter Walks: 3.3

    (1) Very limited walking and no snowshoe trails, (3) a couple of designated scenic walking/snowshoe trails, (5) extensive and diverse winter walking trails for all abilities.

    Ski Pass Value: 3.4

    (1) A 1 week ski pass is overpriced compared to the number of lifts available, (3) the ski pass is averagely priced and covers a reasonable number of lifts, (5) ski passes are excellent value for money and cover a lot of lifts spanning a big area.

    Value (National): 3.6

    (1) Overall, Mzaar Kfardebian is one of the most expensive ski resorts in the country and not worth the money, (3) overall represents average value for money, (5) overall offers the best value resort in the country.

    Value (Global): 3.8

    (1) Overall, Mzaar Kfardebian is one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world, (3) overall it offers pretty average value for money compared to resorts from other countries, (5) internationally the resort offers excellent value for money.

  • February 07, 2012
    abdo sleiman from United Kingdom

    Mzaar is a gr8 resort. Very big with different gr8 terrains though lots of people head over there so it's kinda jammy to me. I prefer the cosy, nice resort in Laklouk which is a gr8 place to be.

  • February 05, 2012
    jean-claude Noujaim from Lebanon

    Mzaar is a nightmare resort. When it snows it takes 2 days to clear the roads, driving up to Mzaar is then a dangerous trip. Traffic on the weekend is a major headache with thousands of people on the road, passing and creating two lanes going up and blocking skiers from getting to and from the slopes. Security on the piste is non existent and lines on the lifts is managed by idiots who let the chair lift go up with one skier when there is room for three. Skiing Mzaar is like living in Lebanon, a total mess. Skiers do not understand priority on the slopes and God forbids you have an accident there no one is there to help. I rate Mzaar ok if you go up on a Monday or Tuesday, if you are patient and do not expect much. The advantage is proximity to the city but if you have the chance go ski in the civilized world.

  • February 04, 2012
    zgheib's from Lebanon

    For all people who always comment about Faraya or Kfardebian for more info, the Faraya main square is also a part for Kfardebian so we can say that the half of Faraya village are also in Kfardebian in case no matter for me what people say about the name the important thing that the ski resort are in Ouyoun-Simane Kfardebian, and the most important is that all money from chalets and hotels.... (taxes) are for Kafrdebian municipality. So thank you all for spending your money in our beautiful country, Kfardebian :)

  • February 02, 2012
    me from Lebanon

    I love skiing in Mzaar Kfardebian .. and only in Kfardebian!

  • February 01, 2012
    Abualhin from Lebanon

    Kfardebian Mzaar is a great place to be during all seasons be it winter, summer..
    another reviewers comment below makes sense, however, all should know that Mzaar / Ouyoun El Siman is part of Kfardebian village and not Faraya village.
    In any case the whole mountain area of Lebanon is a great place to be no matter what you call it; Faraya, Mayrouba, Kfardebian..

  • January 31, 2012
    me from Lebanon

    i love kfardebian ski Resort, I'm sure it's called Kfardebian & not Faraya.

  • January 26, 2012
    Phoenicia from Lebanon

    The distance from Faraya main square to Mzaar parking is around 6.7 km, while the distance from Kfardebian main square to Mzaar parking is around 9.9 km.
    The distance from Mafra2 Kfardebian (Sport Experts) to Mzaar Parking is 17 km passing by Faraya village, while it is 18.3 km passing by Kfardebian village.
    Doesn't make more sense to say Faraya Mzaar rather than Kfardebian Mzaar?

  • January 24, 2012
    Carl Boardman from Kuwait

    We have been going to Mzaar (Faraya) every February for the last 10 years.
    We always stay at least 7 days because the snow in February is unpredictable and on average there would be 2 days when you wouldn't board or ski.
    The lifts are old and slow, with no plans in sight to upgrade them.
    They have an archaic system of paper lift passes which disintegrate when wet.
    There is no snow making equipment, so you have to rely on mother nature to be kind to you and one year there was snow for less than a month.
    There are no fun parks or even kickers.
    The positive attributes of Mzaar are:
    You can get reasonably priced self contained apartments right at the lifts.
    The lift lines are generally small and mid week there is no cuing at all especially at the top of the mountain.
    On good years the snow is great, not the fine powder you get in Austria or other higher fields but really boardable.
    There is no problem going off-piste.
    The Baby run is excellent for beginners with a decent length and just the right slope.
    The Lebanese people are extremely friendly and helpful.

    Overall, I would recommend Mzaar for anyone traveling in the Middle East.

  • January 14, 2012
    rony from Lebanon

    is it possible to include ZAHLE in your weather forecast?

    [note from the editor: please do write to our Help Desk: with the details for this area - coordinates, vertical drop and height at the top.]

  • January 13, 2012
    Serge Akiki from Lebanon

    I love skiing in Mzaar Kfardebian .. and only in Kfardebian!

  • January 06, 2012
    Trevor from Lebanon

    Mzaar Kfardebian (Faraya) is a great resort with very good snow quality especially in January and February. For us, it will always be Faraya regardless of the what the Kfardebian people say. The ski lifts are getting a bit old though and would gain to be replaced by the new faster ones. Since the "Kfardebian" municipality insists so much on having their own name on the resort, why don't they do something positive for a change. Like for example, finance the purchase of new lifts.

  • January 01, 2012
    christina from Lebanon

    Mzaar Kfardebian (Faraya) here I come! Best place ever, it's amazing guys, you know (Faraya) Mzaar is much more better than all the other places I visited in my life to ski ;)

  • December 11, 2011
    kfardebian from Lebanon

    Faraya village people: currently the name of the resort is Mzaar Kfardebian, so stop calling it Faraya because it is not and will not be. For everyone who doesn't know (and I agree with another reviewer) Faraya is a tiny small village next to Hrajel way down and far away from the slopes and has nothing to do with the ski resort of Kfardebian. Many people don’t know that but we are working on it.
    I urge everyone not to use Faraya anymore when addressing to this lovely resort of Kfardebian.

    Enjoy Skiing in Kfardebian (Mzaar Kfardebian), a village for all seasons.

  • September 19, 2011
    Cobr@ from Lebanon

    I would like to vote with another reviewer in what he had to ask concerning the tree plantation in the resort.
    Needless to say that Mzar is a gorgeous place, gr8 weather, gr8 snow, gr8 people.
    A big season is up ahead, lets all benefit and enjoy ourselves each in his own way but please lets keep the place clean and beautiful, lets make that place the best in the world.
    Good luck for u all and have a safe injury-free season.

  • March 25, 2011
    Fadi KHOURY from Lebanon

    Needless to say that we are thankful in to have such a wonderful skiing resort in Lebanon. I can't get enough of it.

    This wonderful place can be made even better by planting some trees. Currently there are only 5 trees nearby the baby lift in the entire resort which spans many mountains!!! Trees are free, trees are beautiful, trees are ecological, and they may even help us in better understanding the dangerous edges of the slopes.
    I'll say it again, please, please plant some trees.

  • March 18, 2011
    christina from Lebanon

    How wonderful is that place, I want to come soon to Lebanon so that I can benefit from the season in Faraya (Mzaar Kfardebian) :)))

  • March 06, 2011
    Faraya from Lebanon

    Faraya (Mzaar Kfardebian) is one of the best places in Lebanon. You can enjoy all winter activities and the best chalet to have a wonderful warm night.
    You can enjoy the ski slope that will be covered by the snow till the end of May and you can visit (Mazraat Kfardebian) to get all the best typical Keserwan traditional made food so have fun in Faraya and Mazraat kfardezebian

  • February 16, 2011
    Faraya from United States

    Best place ever is FARAYA in lebanon

  • February 02, 2011
    steve khoury from Lebanon

    New snow falling at Mzaar Kfardebian. Perfect months for skiing in Lebanon are January & February. Don't miss out on the perfect snow.
    Ski instructor here mostly for high slopes & techniques for booking : 009613551853. or email:

  • January 25, 2011
    Meheran from Malaysia

    Thank you very much Jhonny and Elie. Hope to see you there.

  • January 16, 2011
    Jhonny hanna from Kuwait

    Meheran, I live in Kuwait and every winter I go to Faraya-Lebanon (Mzaar Kfardebian) to ski and it's amazing and I think it's a good time to go in February, because in this time a lot of snow comes down.

  • January 16, 2011
    elie from Lebanon

    Meheran, go to and you'll find anything you need on this!

  • January 14, 2011
    Meheran from Malaysia

    Salaam everyone, can somebody please provide me with the information on ski resort in Lebanon? since this is the first experience for our kids (12yrs-17yrs) and me. We are going to Beirut end of January 2011, is this the best time for skiing? Any specific advice? We had snow experience in Seoul and Harbin but never in middle east. Can anyone please advise. Thank you.

    [note from the editor: this post will remain for a short period in order to generate a response.]

  • January 11, 2011
    ben simon from United States

    I loved Mzaar Kfardebian, it's an amazing resort! Wish you the best, Lebanese, for your beautiful country!
    Amazing nature and people too!

  • January 03, 2011
    mohammad kasem from Jordan

    I have skied all over the world (Swiss,USA,Canada,Austria...) and I have to admit that Faraya is the skiing paradise.

  • January 03, 2011
    Elias roukoz from Lebanon

    Guyz skiing in Faraya is so cool,but rocks are beginning to appear!

  • December 31, 2010
    Tony abi 3id from Lebanon

    Yes bashar come and don't worry cs yesterday i was in Faraya and i was snowboarding and it's amazing !

  • December 30, 2010
    Bashar Al Eid from United Arab Emirates

    Guys, i'm coming to Lebanon next week and i was wondering if the snow in Faraya is fine and thick to snowboard. the forecast changes every min and i cant get a clear image of whats going on up there!!!

  • December 29, 2010
    Elie Zgheib from Lebanon

    Whether you like it or not, the resort will remain under Kfardebian and proof of that; the name has been changed from Faraya Mzaar to Mzaar Kfardebian, and anyone who, in purpose or by mistake, refer to this resort in writing or by an ad as Faraya or violate the exclusivity of the name will be officially warned by the authorities and will pay a NICE fine.

    So, be careful...

    [note from editor: this will be the last post regarding the name of the resort]