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Mzaar Kfardebian Resort Reviews

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Visitor reviews for Mzaar Kfardebian Ski Resort

  • April 19, 2012
    from United States

    Yes... Mzaar. I see the endless complaints by the locals about .... well, about everything! I see one reviewer complaining about plastic surgery, I see another telling us it should be operated as a public service like a bus line, another thinks it's expensive... on and on and on. Remarkable, is it not, that visitors, from all parts of the globe, are more appreciative of the opportunity to ski on fresh deep natural snow? With that in mind, this review is best suited to non-lebanese and/or travellers. I live in the middle east (Jordan this year) and have only been once to Mzaar, weekday with my fam (3 kids). The service, standards, and equipment are on a par with most ME situations: Damascus, Egypt, Amman, Morroco, Qatar, Yemen, etc... Dubai doesn't count. Weak infrastructure, mediocre to poor logistics/planning by management. But! Great snow, decent grooming, great prices (you want expensive - try Les Arcs, or Alta, or Whistler), and great people. Snack stuff available on the slopes 'chalet-style', and you can know the whole thing out in about 2 days. Great/unusual views. It's nice to have a skiing option in the region - it's a luxury. Like everything else y'all complain about - take it to the source. Complaining here won't help.

    [note from the editor: the names of other reviewers have been deleted as we prefer not to personalise responses]

  • March 27, 2012
    from Lebanon

    I posted before but it seems our viewers are typical locals who are happy with mediocrity. It's close to the city, we have snow, it's ok let's not complain and live with it. Unfortunately, this is what is being done and said at all levels. We accept the conditions and that's why nothing improves.
    I used to go to the so called 5 star hotel at Mzaar. It was acceptable 10 years ago but look at it now!
    Wake up my friends.

    [note from the editor: edited for absolute relevance.]

  • March 27, 2012
    from United Arab Emirates

    We just came back from 5 gorgeous days of skiing at Mzaar. This is my 5th time there and I'm sure I'll be going again.
    To all the critics: Stop being negative and look at the bright side, we are in the middle east surrounded by deserts, there shouldn't even be snow here, but by some miracle we have this mountain in the middle of a hot, dry region with enough snow to make great skiing possible. I've skied in France, Switzerland and Italy and while the facilities in Mzaar are a little more basic, it's REALLY not that bad in comparison. During the week you have the slopes almost to yourself and it gets busy at the weekends with people crowding at the chairlifts, but it's no worse than the pushing and crowding anywhere in Europe. The resort is literally less than an hour away from the airport.. I left my house at 7am in Dubai, at 1pm I had checked in to the hotel, got my skiing gear and was already on the slopes.
    Yes, there are people with attitudes in Lebanon and lots of fat men with cigars, and plastic women, but please try to see the humour and look at it as part of the entertainment, it is quite funny! On the other hand the Lebanese do know how to party, the food is great and there's nothing like the tasty mountain Manakish! Finally, we had our 9 month old girl with us, the staff at the hotel and everywhere for that matter were absolutely wonderful with her, we even felt we could leave her at the ski shop for the staff to baby sit her while I and my wife got a couple of hours of skiing together!
    We'll be back!

  • March 27, 2012
    from Lebanon

    Man please, it takes 1hour from jal el dib to dawra, with these traffic jams! To get to Faraya you need 1h30 and to get to the slopes 3hours, because of the jungle that is called parking and the catastrophic organization to get on the slopes.

  • March 25, 2012
    from Lebanon

    To all Lebanese who are criticizing Mzaar resort, stop this nonsense. This is not a private website. You should be glad that we have a good resort, it's not that bad even though it could be better.
    To whom it may concern you can reach the ski resort in 40 minutes going from the airport. And if anyone doesn't like a bit of traffic, plan the trip for the weekdays.

  • March 16, 2012
    from Lebanon

    Skied in Austria for a week and then came back here; all resorts have their own cross to bear, Austria was really overcrowded and expensive (it really makes you feel like a sheep). If you love to ski, all later comments about Mzaar's staff, equipment, organization, management should be details, I surely understand that criticism is a way of making improvements, but in my sense, Mzaar is the biggest most diversified and well equipped resort in the middle east, staff and security is as effective as possible when you have to deal with people who completely lack of respect and think that they rule the world.

  • March 14, 2012
    from Lebanon

    I disagree with another reviewers comments.

    We are entitled to a decent ski resort and decent roads. Mzaar Kfardebian resort management has a responsibility to do things (like grooming the pistes on time among other things), and the Police have a responsibility to clear the roads from people picnicing or people blocking their roads when their cars slide.

    The resort cannot be treated like a private business, i.e. you cannot say whoever does not like the service can go somewhere else, it's not a restaurant or a shop which people can choose other shops or restaurants. Mzaar Kfardebian ski resort is a public facility for all, rented from the government (or baladiyeh). It is a touristic destination and one of only 4 ski resorts so I and others will criticise and keep complaining because we know it's possible for Mzaar to be a much better resort if the management company does its job, and the police do their job.

    P.S. who is auditing the management company of Mzaar? I mean what happens if the ski resort gets worse? Who will force them to fix things? If they are not up to the task, another management company should take over.

  • March 09, 2012
    from Lebanon

    To whoever,
    Any person, who feels offended by going to Mzaar or feels like his ego is more important than being there or have another way of thinking may gladly go ski anywhere he likes and we will be glad.
    No one obliged you to come here, nor anyone is trying to keep you here. So please spare us and don't ever come back.
    We are glad about this resort, we like the way it is crazily run and we like the rotting chairs and whatever you call it.

    [note from the editor: text edited slightly for sake of relevance]

  • March 08, 2012
    from Lebanon

    Nightmare and disastrous roads and pistes.
    Snobbism and vulgar people.
    Apocalyptic and stressful while trying to do something you really enjoy...
    Oh and expensive!

  • March 04, 2012
    from Lebanon

    My friends stop writing about this rubbish resort. Just like everything in the country everything right is wrong and whatever is wrong seems right. I have a solution for you guys, stop skiing in Lebanon and boycott Mzaar. Nobody goes there, simply let them rot with their ski resort. Take a ski week somewhere like in Turkey, two hours from Istanbul you have a civilized ski resort, great hotel, great food, very reasonable. Makes Mzaar hotel look like a half star hotel (without the stupid looking Cigar guys around). By the way, Lebanese women should be careful their lips and boobs could explode at 2000 meters.

    [note from the editor: some edits for the sake of relevance. Not sure about the legitimacy of the last sentence!]