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Dodge Ridge Resort Reviews

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Ski USA - California

Dodge Ridge Resort Reviews

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Visitor reviews for Dodge Ridge Ski Resort

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  • November 21, 2008
    from United States

    Dodge Ridge is one of the best places if you don't wanna go big and learn, just advance yourself. It's a fun place to go ride, chill with your friends and rip down the slopes. One thing is they should have been able to maintain an easy pipe but they took it out. But if you're looking to have family fun or shred with your friends and boost up your skills its a fun place to be.

  • January 07, 2008
    from Germany

    If only the service were half as nice as the skiing area!
    1. Arriving at noon on Dec. 30th, 2007, it took 40 minutes to get the ski equipment for a group of 5. Skis in my length (160 cm) were no longer available, the 170-skis were the worst I ever rented (I ski since 55 years): no grip and very slow on the snow.
    2. Two of our party had to return to the counter right away, because the bindings were incorrectly fitted to the boots!
    3. The safety standards of the lifts are horrible: no safety bars in the lift chairs!
    4. The lifts arrive at full speed when you catch them - dangerous and very uncomfortable!
    5. Lift chairs have no foot rests - very uncomfortable and tiring!
    6. Lift chairs have no hoods - very uncomfortable on the snowy day of Dec. 29th. Nor were the seats protected from the falling snow on their way down, so everyone had a wet behind after leaving the seats at the top.
    7. And worst of all: the way the young man handled the big crowd at the entry of lift no. 3. Our party of 5 split at the entry in a group of 3 (entering the triplet-line) and a couple (entering 2 rows on the right of us). The two were getting in the seats 12 minutes ahead of us, because the young man neglected the triplet-row! It took us three 24 minutes till we were seated. And even though there was a huge crowed waiting for the lift, in most of the triple seats were only 2 persons! I would have expected that the young man would do his job in a way that the triple capacity of the lift would be used, filling up couples with single skiers and giving the triplets an even chance to advance in the waiting line.