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Ski USA - Massachusetts

Bousquet Ski Area Resort Reviews

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Ski USA - Massachusetts

Bousquet Ski Area Resort Reviews

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Visitor reviews for Bousquet Ski Area Ski Resort

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  • August 31, 2011
    from United States

    The place is a dump ...the owner is a grumpy old man horrible customer service..did i mention the horrible customer service ...trust me go elsewhere

  • January 31, 2010
    from United States

    My Fiance', her sister and her three sons and I visited Bousquet Ski Area for the first time on 1-28-10. We heard they had $10 Thursday night skiing and snowboarding. We arrived and made 4 runs then went in to get a quick bite to eat. When we came out I found someone had stolen my brand new Burton Clash snowboard that was given to me by my fiance' for Christmas this year. We reported the theft to the front desk and explained that we had only taken 4 runs and that we had just spent almost $70 on food. I asked that they refund my lift ticket: ten dollars and they refused. At the same time there was a father and son (who was maybe six) who also just had his sons snowboard stolen. They did nothing for him either. Several people said that there are thefts there all the time, and that it is a constant problem there at Bousquet. The next day I called the owner, George, to explain the situation asking what options I had. He said I had NO options and that I should have checked my board in ski-check .(which I did not even know they had??) As I persued to explain that we were just asking for a lift ticket refund at the very least, George said, and I quote "I think your full of S**T, and I'm hanging up the phone now."
    I have to say that after experiencing the lack of customer service and down right dis-respect, I will never return to that mountain...ever! If you still feel the need to visit this poorly run facility..BRING A LOCK!

    -Wayne (East Longmeadow, MA)