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Bayrischzell/Sudelfeld Resort Reviews

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Bayrischzell/Sudelfeld Resort Reviews


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Visitor reviews for Bayrischzell/Sudelfeld Ski Resort

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  • March 20, 2009
    from Germany

    We live less than an hour from Bayrischzell/Sudelfed so it is our 'local' and is much loved. It is the perfect size for a day with a good variety of routes and off-piste.
    It is possible to get to Bayrischzell/Sudelfed from Munich with public transport to Bayrischzell but parking is much easier. I would recommend lunch at the Speck Alm.
    The only downside is it can get quite slushy at Bayrischzell/Sudelfed if temperatures drop so hope for cold.